How is IPL Treatment Beneficial for Your Skin?

When you expose your skin to the sunlight for prolonged periods of time, you can face age related problems. There are many anti-aging treatments available for wrinkled, brittle and blemished skin. This can be addressed by IPL laser treatment. It is also known as Intense Pulsed Light therapy. It is a photofacial treatment that is quite similar to a traditional laser but with a huge distinction. The former is non-ablative, in other words, no skin is gotten rid of in the procedure. Traditional laser removes one or multiple layers of skin. But, IPL laser treatment uses broad spectrum light. It uses a combination of certain wavelengths to heat up the skin and trigger the rejuvenation process.

Is it really a laser?

This may be referred to as IPL laser treatment, but the equipment used isn’t actually a laser. It emits tight and focused light beams composed of several wavelengths that interfere with one another. The light is dispersed into tiny pixilated shafts and they permeate via the epidermis without affecting it. The gist is to have darker and denser tissues suck away the energy. When these light beams are pulsed, the damaged tissues which cause blemishes are sucked away. The capillaries surrounding the tissues also absorb the energy and they shrink away in size. It also helps in fixing issues like age spots, freckles and dark dull tissues too.


As the energy is absorbed down deeper below the epidermis only the focused issues are impacted. After multiple treatments, the collagen in these tissues shrink away in such a way that the body starts to produce more of the collagen. In other words, you have suppler skin, fewer wrinkles, and tauter skin surface. IPL laser treatments are more famous and preferred than the traditional laser because it is simpler and doesn’t need any recovery period.

Many people prefer to add IPL laser treatments for their regular skincare regimen. They also pay heed to the follow up maintenance treatments needed frequently so as to keep their skin from looking youthful and healthy. The process is much simpler than other laser resurfacing treatments as well. The equipment used today can also be calibrated in order to make up for the melanin in the skin. This renders the IPL laser treatment famous among people.

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