What is TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream?

EC Research Corporation has just launched its newest and most effective stretch mark treatment: TriLASTIN® System 2 for Stretch Marks™. This new and improved version of EC’s highly successful TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream can get rid of very old stretch marks. EC Research Company is an American manufacturer based in Pennsylvania.

The new TriLASTIN is strong enough to get rid of even very old stretch marks. The company’s celebrity spokesperson used it to eliminate stretch marks that she had for 30 years. TriLASTIN will also work on new and recent stretch marks with just as much potency.

The TriLASTIN® System 2 for Stretch Marks™, consists of two great products that work on all stretch marks. TriLASTIN-HT® HydroThermal Accelerator is a conditioning agent which helps restore the skin to a youthful appearance.

TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Complex is a highly effective stretch mark treatment which can get rid of even the oldest and darkest stretch marks. Used together these two products can restore the skin’s luster and get rid of stretch marks.


TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream combines two powerful skin treatment technologies VirtualPatch and FillingSpheres which are designed to work together to get rid of stretch marks. Since TriLASTIN uses two different methods it has double the power of most stretch mark creams.

There are three active ingredients in TriLASTIN are ‘collagen’, ‘serine’ and ‘alginate’. Collagen repairs the damaged skin and makes it stronger and more resistant to tearing. Serine hydrates or moistens the skin to make it softer and silkier. Alginate keeps the skin moistened by locking in the moisture. These powerful ingredients are delivered to the skin via the exclusive VirtualPatch technology.

Unlike other products TriLASTIN can deliver collagen right to the skin cells on a molecular level using the new FillingSpheres technology. Tiny spheres filled with collagen go right into the cells and deliver collagen. This speeds up the healing process and makes the skin stronger and more resilient.

FillingSpheres can instantly increase the volume of the skin because it delivers the collagen inside the cells where it is the most effective. This means that the collagen can go right to work repairing your skin.


TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream User Reviews


The reviews of TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream have been great. Many couples have used TriLASTIN together to get rid of their stretch marks. The product has been so effective on women that many of their husbands have started using it as well.

Couples have noticed improvement in the skin and the disappearance of stretch marks after just a few days of TriLASTIN use. Customers report that TriLastin works and works fast.

Unlike some products TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream works for men just as well as for women. Many men report stretch marks after loosing weight or exercising. Men who have used TriLASTIN have reported vanishing stretch marks.

One man reported that he was willing to take off his shirt and let others see his stretch marks after just three weeks of TriLASTIN SR use. The stretch marks were so faded that this customer wasn’t afraid of others in his gym noticing them. In addition to husbands and wives, mothers and daughters have also gone on TriLASTIN together and found it beneficial.


TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream Side Effects


No harmful side effects have been reported from TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream despite its effectiveness. TriLASTIN has been found to be effective on all kinds of skin and in people of all ages.

Unlike other stretch mark creams you don’t need to use a lot of TriLASTIN small amounts of the cream applied over time will work as well as large doses. This means that customers don’t have to spend money on several tubes of TriLASTIN in order to get the results that they want.

TriLASTIN can prevent stretch marks as well as get rid of them. Applying the cream to areas of skins prone to stretch marks can stop them from developing.

This means that a person can start applying TriLASTIN while they are losing weight in order to eliminate skin marks when they reach their desired weight. The product can be used to prevent new stretch marks or to get rid of old ones.

The results of TriLastin appear to be permanent. TriLASTIN’s users reported that stretch marks went away and stayed away. No serious cases of the return of ugly old stretch marks were reported.


Where to Buy TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream?

The best place to purchase TriLASTIN-SR® Stretch Mark Cream is directly from EC research’s company website at www.ecresearchcorp.com.

Each package contains two distinct products that work together to get rid of stretch marks. In each package customers will find one six ounce tube of TriLASTIN-SR® – and one three ounce tube of TriLASTIN-HT®. This means that customers will get nine ounces of Stretch Mark treatment for the price of one.

TriLASTIN-SR® Discount Link

Three great deals on TriLASTIN are available at the TriLASTIN SR discount link:

  • 1-month supply of TriLASTIN® System after discount – $79.95 (discount link) (before discount is $87.00, save $7.05) Ships FREE
  • 2-month supply of TriLASTIN® System after discount – $149.95 (discount link) (before discount is $174.95, save $25.00) Ships FREE
  • 3-month supply of TriLASTIN® System after discount – $219.95 (discount link) (before discount is $261.00, save $41.05) Ships FREE

You are given 60 days to decide if you want to keep the product. After 60 days, it’s up to the company to decide whether your claim is valid enough for granting a conditional refund.

If ever you received your goods from EC Research in a bad condition, simply return the goods again to the company within 10 days of receipt. Failure to do this would invalidate the replacement of the product.

You must first get a Return Authorization Number (RMA) from the company before they can process any claims. Please email returns@ecresearchcorp.com or call 1.877.311.SKIN(7546) to get this very important number.