5 Effects of Alcohol Abuse on StudentsOn Health

Alcohol consumption starts with a simple taste then gradually transforms into addiction after a short period. Binge drinking (consumption of heavy drinks within a short time) is the primary effect of alcohol abuse among students. Students are easily influenced by peer pressure into alcohol use through the various social activities in colleges and universities like sport or singing events. Alcohol consumption is not only a health hazard but interferes with the brain’s normal functioning, leading to poor performance in schools. Here we have analyzed the effects of alcohol abuse on students.

Poor Academic Performances

Today, there is a countless number of learning institutions globally. Students join the institutions intending to work hard and to achieve their dreams. However, the problem arises when they lose focus and considers drinking a priority. They start missing classes, ignoring school assignments, and some drop out of school. Some take longer before completing a course which leads to time and money wastage. Less effort in school work determines a student’s overall performance.

Impairs the Memory

Binge drinking impairs the normal functioning of the brain. It leads to a deficiency of Vitamin B1 nutrients found in the brain tissue hence damaging the brain. Once the brain is damaged, it leads to memory lapse, loss of concentration, lacking thinking ability, and confusion. An effect on the brain results in poor learning ability. Also, parents will spend a lot of cash on reversing the situation.

Develop Health Problems

According to research, a myriad number of students develop health issues due to alcohol use. Excess alcohol consumption damages the internal human body, such as the lungs, heart, kidney, pancreas, and liver. The affected organs may result in chronic disease, lung or liver cancer, pneumonia, irregular heartbeats, tuberculosis, and high blood pressure. Sickness interferes with regular learning. Students end up missing classes or dropping out of school to focus on treatments. Also, as a result of the ailments, they develop depression, nausea, vomiting, and severe headaches. Some might drink to death.

Behavioral Changes

Alcohol use leads to changes in behavior which turns into severe consequences. To satisfy their urge, they engage in various criminal activities such as vandalism or robbery and sexual acts for money. When caught while violating the law, they end up paying huge fines, suspended or expelled from schools, probations, and others face jail time. Also, they are prone to sexual assaults and rape.

Sleeping Disorder

Good sleep leads to good health. However, sleeping disorder dehydrates the human body and interferes with its normal functioning. A student will end up with severe mood swings such as depression, anxiety, poor mental focus, and irritability. Lack of sleep interferes with the student’s concentration in class. The student might miss the course or attend but end up understanding nothing. It attracts poor grades.

College and university life are all about living an independent life and enjoying freedom. However, if you misuse liberty, you may end up regretting it. Currently, you will find a variety of rehabilitation centers offering top-quality alcohol abuse services to victims. Through the proper channels, experts can reverse alcohol use disorder at an early stage.