Industries that Use a Multi-channel Pipette

Multi-channel pipettes make it more efficient for liquid samples to be transferred accurately from one container to another. This device serves a vessel that carries small amounts of liquids to their assigned tubes or containers.

What sets multi-channel pipettes stand out is that they have 8-12 heads. This allows the pipette to transfer liquids into multiple wells at the same time, rather than having to transfer liquids one by one.

There are several industries that use a multi-channel pipette. These include:

  1. Food and beverage technology

Multi-channel pipettes are commonly used in food and beverage technology. They are used during research, when studying for ways to develop new products, or when adjusting the composition of ingredients intended for food or beverage development.

Multi-channel pipettes are also used during food production, particularly in factories that manufacture food items for mass consumption.

  1. Medical and clinical research

Multi-channel pipettes are also found in hospitals, clinics, and research laboratories. They are used to transfer small amounts of liquid samples intended for testing and analysis.

In pharmacology, multi-channel pipettes come in handy because they transfer small amounts of liquids accurately into several wells for centrifugation tests and other purposes.

  1. Theoretical and applied chemistry studies

Another industry where a multi-channel pipette is used is that in theoretical and applied chemistry. Chemistry labs use the device when handling liquids of accurate amounts into different containers. It is important in chemistry laboratories to obtain liquids at specific amounts because a slight deviation in the quantity may have a big impact on the results of their study.

  1. Water and fuel research

In water and fuel industries, scientists and researchers use multi-channel pipettes to obtain liquid for observation and monitoring. Small amounts of fuel or water can be prepared for testing to find sediments, mineral contents, salinity, and presence of bacteria.

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