4 Signs That You and Your Partner Should Seek Marriage Counseling, Health

Marriage is an experience. For a marriage to be successful, both parties must actively work to maintain and cultivate it. Sometimes that means consulting a professional.

There is no shame in seeing a marriage counselor. Everyone can benefit from therapy, including spouses. Here are four signs you and your spouse should consider seeking couples counseling San Jose CA.

  • You Don’t Want To Talk

Contrary to popular belief, occasional arguments are a sign of a healthy relationship, so long as those arguments are productive. On the other hand, communication avoidance is extremely detrimental to relationships. If you would rather shut down than discuss certain topics with your partner, you should consider speaking to someone who is trained to facilitate those tricky conversations.

  • You Dread Going Home

For some, work is a temporary escape from domestic life. That’s fine! Everyone should be able to pursue their career and interests independent of their partner. However, once you start dreading walking through the front door after the workday is done, it becomes a problem. If that sounds like you, you should think about couples counseling.

  • You Can’t Escape Circular Arguments

If you find yourself arguing about the same little thing every day, it is likely symptomatic of a bigger issue. Do you snap every time you find dirty dishes in the sink? Maybe the actual problem is that you feel that your partner takes for granted that you’ll clean it up, or vice versa.

  • You Wonder Where Your Spouse Is

Trust is the keystone of any relationship. Do you find yourself wondering if your partner is really pulling late nights at the office, or do you worry about where they might be or who they might be with? When the doubt starts trickling in, it is time to see a couples counselor.

Rather than being a sign of weakness, the willingness to attend marriage counseling is a sign of strength and commitment. The best time to see a couples counselor is before a tiny issue turns into something major. Start an open dialogue with your partner today.