How To Support a Loved One in Sober Living, Health

If you know someone who is on a journey toward sobriety, you have likely considered ways that you can be supportive and help them through the process. If you are struggling to think of ways to assist them, here are three simple things you can try.

Stay Connected

Depending on the type of sober living house Pasadena MD that your loved one has chosen, there may be rules regarding communication and visitation. However, do what you can to keep in touch with your friend, because a strong support system is needed now more than ever. If you cannot visit in person or even use the phone, write letters to show that you care and that you haven’t stopped thinking about them.

Keep Them Accountable

This is tricky if you are unable to see them face-to-face, but try to keep your struggling friend accountable for every action they take. If there is an opportunity to join a group therapy session or even attend one of their private sessions, attend if possible so you can offer encouragement and stay apprised of their progress.

Keep Everyone Informed

If you learn any important information about your friend’s stay in sober living, be sure to inform everyone who needs to know. It is essential that everyone in your friend’s family and social circles be on the same page so everyone can offer the proper support and advice. It can be tough to relay a message to a large number of people, but do what you can to ensure that everyone hears the same message and all questions are answered so you can avoid an awkward situation that may cause unnecessary stress for your recovering friend.

Having a loved one in recovery can be emotional for all involved. Use these tips to support them through the challenging process.