What Is The Difference Between Citicoline & Alpha GPC?

Keeping the busy schedule aside people are increasingly focusing on the importance of staying healthy and fit. However, a greater emphasis has been set out when it comes to caring for the brain. After all, it is the only organ in our body that acts as a control center. As per the study in nootropics, choline is one of the most important chemicals for maintaining brain function. Filling your diet with various liver recipes is not the only way to ingest choline. To this day, there are many dietary supplements with the right compounds to provide a rich source of choline. However, apart from citicoline another most popular ingredient that is commonly found in these supplements is alpha gpc. 

Defining citicoline 

Citicoline is a compound that has neuroprotective properties. It is rich in choline and cytidine. It helps in transporting dopamine and increasing the release into the brain. Cytidine is a useful source when it is converted into uridine. The dosage of citicoline is extremely safe and effective when combined with other supplements. 

Benefits of citicoline

The benefits of citicoline are directly related to brain and memory functions. It mitigates the effect of memory loss. It boosts our learning abilities and enhances attention, focus and concentration. This helps in combating distractions and keeps you focused on whatever you’re doing. It is a great source for improving the integrity of the neuronal membrane. 

Defining alpha gpc

Alpha GPC also helps a lot in neuroprotective activity. The compound is composed of glycerophosphate and choline. It is a natural compound that works well with other nootropics. The compound works fast and delivers choline to the brain along with increasing acetylcholine production and cell membrane phospholipids. 

Benefits of Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC helps in improving brain cognition and health. It improves memory formation along with the ability of learning. The study depicts that Alpha GPC is responsible for restoring memory in specific situations. 

What are the differences between the two?

Until now, it seems both have the same quality and perform similarly. However, getting deeper into nootropics, citicoline and alpha gpc, follow a different process of metabolism. While breaking down of Alpha GPC, acetylcholine gets released as byproduct. On another hand, citicoline is a derivative of similar chemical.

There are different types of supplements available in the market for specific purposes. (Citicoline Sodium get the best quality of citicoline to boost your brain functionality. Alpha GPC helps in improving vitality and muscle recovery after a workout session. Growth hormone production increases by its boost. Viewing citicoline, it amplifies the impact of nootropics for which it becomes an undeniable compound for the supplements.

People may get confused with so many identical benefits and wonder which one to choose. Well, both compound works well for brain boosting objectives. All you need to do is, choose a reputed and renowned online supplement shop that delivers genuine products without hampering safety and affordability. Get the best Nootropic Choline and deal with the stresses of life smartly.