Value of Veneers

In dentistry, a veneer refers to a very thin shell made from tooth-colored materials. Because veneers are custom-made, they are able to fit naturally inside each person’s mouth. Veneers are often constructed from porcelain, and they are designed to cover the front surface of an individual’s teeth.

Who Might Need Veneers?

If a person has teeth that have broken or become chipped, he or she might choose to correct these dental issues with a veneer. Veneers can also cover teeth that show permanent staining or discoloration. They may be used to fill in any gaps that exist between teeth or to address the appearance of uneven teeth. In addition, veneers can offer an attractive solution to the problem of decayed or crooked teeth.

What Is The Dentist’s Role?

Dentists have a role in many of the steps in the process of equipping a patient with a veneer. Initially, they evaluate the patient and outline the upcoming procedure. They also make an impression of the patient’s teeth so that this impression can be used as a model to construct the veneer. Next, dentists provide the patient with a temporary veneer and evaluate its fit. Once the patient’s uniquely-designed veneer has been made, the dentist can apply it to the patient’s teeth. Because attaching the veneer involves teeth bonding Park Slope dentists can check the fit and shape of the veneer, and make any necessary modifications, at this time.

What Are Some Benefits of Veneers?

Some dental treatments are able to offer only a short-term remedy, but because the process of applying veneers is typically irreversible, veneers are intended to be a more permanent solution for problematic teeth. If patients have good hygiene, it is possible for their veneers to last for decades. Getting veneers can also help people to become more satisfied with the appearance of their teeth. As they become less self-conscious, they are likely to experience a boost in their self-esteem and confidence.

Going to the dentist might cause you to frown. Leaving the dentist’s office with a veneer, however, can give you a reason to smile.