How big is the lice problem in the United States?

Head lice are one of the most common and widely spread hair problems in the United States. As per the recent estimates, more than three million people have hair lice problem yearly in the United States alone. Hair lice are basically small insect-like creatures around the length of two to three millimeters. They have three phases in their life cycles, and all three are harmful to human hair in some way or the other. Hair lice live on by sucking blood from the scalp. Hair lice do not cause any serious health issues, but the itching is a common effect of hair lice infestation.

Basic things to know about hair lice

Hair lice generally lay eggs on the scalp at the roots of hairs. These eggs have a protective shell; thus, they are known as a nit. Hair lice do not jump or fly. Hair lice infestation occurs by longtime close contact between heads. This is one of the main reasons why the lice problem is generally found among the children who are either in the pre-schooling age or in the early school years. Though children of a certain age group are mostly affected, anyone can have a lice problem. And lice problem has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the hair as they can very easily infest clean hair. Another misconception is that removing adult lice is the best remedy, whereas nits need to be removed so that a healthy hair profile can be achieved.

The remedies to the lice problem

Now when it comes to remedies of hair lice problems, the most common solutions are found in homes only. For example, for adult lice infestation, only combing out with the application of herbal oils can provide beneficial results. On the other hand, if there is a nit infestation, then it takes more time, and professional help may be required in most cases. Professional hair lice treatment includes the application of different chemical agents like benzyl alcohol, Ivermectin, Spinosad solutions, etc. These chemical agents, however, needed to be administered properly. Otherwise, it may damage hair. Apart from the chemicals, many preventive measures are also advised by lice doctors to reduce the chances of reinfestation. And for this purpose, many professional lice treatment centers have been set up in different parts.

Get professional help for lice problem

So if you or your children have a lice problem, then make sure to seek professional help. Many lice treatment centers are now again operating with standard operating procedures in place like However, these centers are operating at a limited capacity, so make sure to make an appointment with them before you go on to seek their help with regards to lice problems.