What Are The Environmental Causes Of Dry Eye?

The problem of dry eye occurs when our eyes are not able to maintain a tear film that is of sufficient quality. This syndrome presents symptoms such as burning, itching and redness, excessive sensitivity to light and, in some cases, even blurred vision. The causes of dry eye are various, many of them environmental.

The Importance Of The Tear Film

As we have mentioned, dry eye is caused by a problem in the tear film, either due to a lack of quality or because the amount of tear generated is insufficient. Although most of us are not aware of it, having eyes with enough tears is essential to:

  • Always keep your eyes well hydrated
  • Eliminate particles that may have been accidentally introduced inside
  • Keep a good vision

Environmental Causes Of Dry Eye Syndrome

Sometimes, one might ask; Why are my eyes dry? The main cause of dry eye is the hormonal changes that occur in older people, which cause the production of fewer tears than necessary in the eyes, there are also environmental causes that facilitate and intensify this problem:

  • Too dry environments
  • Excessive wind
  • Prolonged exposure to air conditioning
  • Tobacco smoke, affecting both active and passive smokers.
  • Exposing the eyes to the sun for a long time and without protection

Preventive Measures

When the cause of dry eye is environmental, we can take the following measures to avoid or cushion its effects:

  • Stay away from dry environments
  • Avoid items that irritate the eyes, such as air conditioning
  • Do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke; staying away from people who smoke
  • Use a humidifier
  • Regularly cleanse the eyelashes with warm compresses
  • Try not to sleep with your eyes slightly open
  • Apply lubricating ointments before sleeping.

In addition to the prevention measures mentioned, to treat dry eye, it is almost always necessary to use artificial tears. They are proven to be effective, and most people experience great relief as soon as they start using them. However, it should always be used by prescription and under control.

In case of persistence of the problem, in addition to preventive measures and artificial tears, reinforcement measures can also be implemented such as: wearing glasses to conserve moisture in the eyes, trying to reduce allergy medications if taken, take specific medications for dry eye or use special plugs to ensure that the moisture remains on the surface of the eye for longer.

There is also recommended for those cases where the cause of the eye is dry; it is because the eyelids are in a position abnormal necessary to correct surgical option.