Emergency Dentistry Requires Fast & Efficient Communications

When it comes to emergencies, all businesses need to prioritize proper communication. Otherwise, how else will you plan your emergency response execution? How will you let your clients if your systems are down? All dental care service providers includingeven the most highly reputed emergency dentistbenefit a lot from having effective and efficient communication in place.

Benefits of fast and efficient communication during emergencies

The best way to quickly get the word out during emergency situations is via efficient and effective communication. As a dentist, you need to tailor your communication needs to facilitate real-time and direct-to-direct contact. This means that you need to open a clinic equipped with intranet such as Sharepoint. This is mobile-friendly tool ensures that you react, respond to, and contain an emergency situation faster.

Still not convinced about the importance of fast and efficient communication during emergency situations?

  1. Acting fast could save the patient’s life

Quick communication facilitates a quick response and this prevents further damages to the already critical situation. For example, if a patient is involved in an accident and their jaw is broken a dentist could help fix it and stop the bleeding by performing a life-saving procedure.

  1. Acting fast could save your business

Miscommunications or slow communication could break a business. On the other hand, proper communication in emergencies is helpful in containing the situation as your team is alerted on what they’re supposed to do. They act in a fast and coordinated way in times of crisis and this positively impacts your business.

  1. Proper planning improves efficiency

You don’t have to wait until the last minute to put in place proper emergency response solutions.By planning in advance you find the right solution and tailor it to fit your business dynamics. This improves the overall efficiency of your practice.

Trying to find what communication channels work for you is a lot harder during or after an emergency situation.

  1. Patient satisfaction

If your patients can easily reach for emergencies, it makes them that you put their health first. This builds trust because the patient views you as a valued member of their healthcare team, especially when you use a customized approach to tend to their needs.

At the end of the day you’ll notice a reduction in the number of complaints and as a result, a better relationship.

  1. Streamlined post-emergency follow up

Having a clear report of your communications and timelines makes it very easy for you to follow up on any upcoming incidents afterward. This helps you figure out where you need to improve so make your dental service delivery better.


Fast and efficient communication isn’t only good for patients – it’s also good for business. It gives you the edge on your patient experience and keeps them coming back instead of going to another dentist who listens, understands, and responds better.

Excellent communication skills are one of the most important skills that one requires to become a dentist. If you are considering becoming a dentist or already are a dentist who wished to stand out from his/her competition, you need to improve communication with your team as well as patients to make communication as instant as possible.