3 Things You Can Do to Ensure a Safe Flight

Nowadays, we all try our best to avoid germ-riddled public areas, like public transportation. Airplanes are notoriously unclean spaces. However, you might find yourself booking a flight out of necessity. When flying is your only option, you should plan ahead to make your journey safer. Here are 3 ways to protect yourself on your flight.

  1. Clean Surfaces

When you take your seat on the plane, break out the disinfecting wipes. Wipe down the armrests, tray, seat belt fastener and seat cushion if possible. Disinfecting these commonly touched surfaces can make your area on the plane a much safer space. If you have a window seat, you may want to wipe down the wall beside you, as well. If your aircraft has an entertainment device on the seat in front of you, avoid touching the screen with your hands. Instead, consider bringing along a hands-free utility tool with a rubber tip for screen time.

  1. Wash and Sanitize Your Hands

Proper hand hygiene is key to limiting your exposure to germs. Unless your disinfecting wipes are intended for contact with skin, be sure to wash your hands shortly after disinfecting your space to avoid skin damage. Having an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in tow can also be very beneficial for use in the airport and midflight. Apply it frequently throughout your time in the airport and on the plane to reduce the number of germs on your hands.

  1. Keep Your Distance

Per CDC recommendations, staying at least six feet apart from others is one of the best ways to prevent contact with airborne germs. With fewer people flying due to health concerns, maintaining this distance on an airplane is usually possible. If you are too close to another person and there is unoccupied space farther away, you may want to ask the flight attendant if you can move.

Limiting time spent in public areas is important to slowing down the spread of germs. However, when taking a flight becomes necessary, there are things you can do to prevent illness. Practice these three healthy habits to help ensure a safe flight.