All You Need To Know About Auto-flower Outdoor Seeds.

Most weed seeds are photoperiod, meaning they depend on light changes and patterns for their growth. As they grow naturally outdoors, they condition themselves to the light conditions prevailing outside. When the plant needs to be shifted indoors in its flowering stage, they require particular lighting conditions.

Auto-flower outdoor seeds require no such special light conditions for their growth. They don’t require many seasonal changes and climatic conditions for their growth, thus helping breeders, especially amateurs, harvest fast without extra precautions. These seeds’ high resilient and adaptive nature also makes them perfect for beginners who want to breed Cannabis.

How Are The Seeds Made?

Weed seeds aren’t like normal plant seeds; they don’t fall off or exist on plucking plants; they are made and cured with immense efficiency to produce the best results.

If you are looking to buy weed seeds, then you have indefinitely asked yourself, out of curiosity, how they come into being. Here is a guide that will help you know the process better.

Autfoflower seeds, like the Cannabis Ruderalis, are a native Russian strain that came into being after mutating to adapt to the extreme weather conditions in Russia. The extreme temperatures and low light levels in Russia make it difficult for most varieties of marijuana seeds from i49 such as Indica and Sativa strains to grow outside. As they don’t get enough light to grow and a regular bought of sunlight during the long summer days, it makes anything but the Auto-flower plant Cannabis Ruderalis strain grow.

Hence, the region has adapted to Autoflower Plants, which are smaller in strata, unlike the Indica and Sativa weed strains. However, the Ruderalis strain is known for its low THC levels best for therapeutic uses and enhances the THC level for recreational use, such as a good euphoric high.

Ruderalis is cross-bred now with Indica and Sativa strains by a special method that enhances the flavour and the resilient nature of the new seeds. Specialised breeders now sell seeds that are not just of Ruderalis origin but have a diverse genus of Sativa and Indica.

Benefits of Auto-flower Seeds

As you know by now that Auto-flower Seeds are amateur-friendly. To explain further, here are a few benefits that will help you make the best choice between auto-flower seeds and photoperiod seeds.

  • The harvesting time for Auto-flower seeds is shorter than other strains, making it easy for beginners.

  • Auto-flower seeds don’t require any special growing conditions of light, climate and you can grow them outdoors or indoors.

  • The ease of growing auto-flower strains is high, with no additional care for lighting and climatic conditions as well as definite nutrients, unlike photoperiod strains.

  • They are small in strata and are resilient to pests and diseases, making them ideal for beginners prone to make mistakes.

With Autoflower Outdoor Seeds, you can enjoy growing marijuana for the first time in whatever region and condition you want without living under the pressure of messing up and ruining produce. The high yields with fewer efforts applied to make it a good investment. If you are looking to buy some seeds, check out the best site; they have many good quality seeds for beginners. With many options and discounts, i49 will be the perfect match.