4 Types of Nurses

With numerous fields to specialize in to give the best care possible to their patients, nurses are essential employees within the healthcare system. Some of the many duties that nurses perform include looking after patients, relaying patient concerns to their doctors, checking vital signs and administering medication. Here are four types of nurses and what they do on a daily basis.

  • Neonatal Nurse

Neonatal nurses work with newborn babies and their parents to educate and assist with the wide variety of duties involved in taking care of a new child. A baby nurse Washington DC also performs such tasks as monitoring the vital signs of a newborn and recording milestones in the growth and development of the baby.

  • Pediatric Nurse

Specializing in the next age group after neonatal nurses, pediatric nurses care for patients ranging in age from shortly after birth through adolescence. These nurses assist pediatricians with treating young people, administering vaccinations, conducting routine physical examinations and providing education and resources to parents and guardians.

  • Geriatric Nurse

At the other end of the life cycle, geriatric nurses help with understanding and treating the unique health concerns of the older population. In addition to looking after physical health issues, these nurses perform mental health assessments to help diagnose disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression. Caring for patients after a fall is another common duty for those in the geriatric nursing profession.

  • Psychiatric Nurse

A psychiatric nurse helps people of all ages who deal with mental health conditions such as chronic depression, anorexia, post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia. A nurse in this field administers medication and ensures the safety and well-being of patients, among other duties.

If you are ever in need of medical assistance, these are some of the kinds of nurses who might be on your care team.