4 Common Questions About Microblading

Everyone who does their makeup every morning knows that the eyebrows are the most tedious step. What if there was a way for you to never have to comb, line, or fill ever again? If that sounds as appealing to you as it does to thousands of cosmetologists, influencers, and other fashion-forward individuals, you might be interested in learning about microblading. Here are the answers to four common questions about brow microblading.

  • Is It a Tattoo?

Microblading uses a blade made of tiny microneedles as opposed to a traditional tattoo gun. These microneedles don’t embed the dye as deeply as a typical tattoo but instead create hairlike strokes that align with your natural brow line. The dye is also not as dense as tattoo ink. The result is a soft, natural, semi-permanent look that lasts one to three years, depending on your skin type.

  • Is It Painful?

Microblading Long Island NY clients have described the feeling as an “irritating scratching” similar to threading your eyebrows. It’s also over quickly, with the procedure lasting about an hour on average.

  • Is It Expensive?

Depending on your salon and the availability of services in your area, microblading can cost quite a bit. This cost often includes the initial consultation and touch-up appointments. However, depending on your current makeup routine and products, the upfront investment of one lump sum could be worth it in the long run, as you will no longer be purchasing new brow cosmetics all the time.

  • Is It Right for Me?

Good news: no skin tone or brow color is an issue for a good microblading specialist. It can even be an option to replace brows lost to conditions like alopecia. Discuss your skins tone and type with your specialist during your consultation.

It’s always wise to check a prospective specialist’s social media to check past clients’ results to see if their results are something you want. If they are, call your local microblading specialist to get started.