3 Home Care Tips After Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions Weymouth MA are sometimes necessary due to cavities, infection, abscesses or not enough room for the teeth to erupt. Whatever your situation is, you likely have questions about how to take care of yourself in the hours and days after you get a tooth or multiple teeth out. There are a few basic tips that can help you avoid a painful dry socket, including eating soft foods, not drinking through a straw and avoiding tobacco products.

  1. Eat Soft Foods

When your mouth is numb for the first few hours after the procedure, stick to foods and liquids that you do not have to chew a lot. You may be chewing on your lip, cheek or tongue without realizing it. Once the area wakes up, you will likely have some soreness, so stick with soft foods like mashed potatoes, gelatin and slushies for a couple days.

  1. Do Not Drink Through a Straw

A dry socket occurs when the blood clot that packs your tooth socket comes out. Suction from drinking through a straw is one of the most common causes of a dry socket, so avoid doing so until the area heals. You should also avoid forcefully spitting so as not to disrupt the clot.

  1. Avoid Tobacco Products

Tobacco products are bad for you anytime, but they are especially detrimental after a dental procedure. The sucking motion on a cigarette can cause a disruption in a clot, and even smokeless tobacco can irritate the extraction site. Hold off on using these products for as long as you can after the extraction; ideally, you would wait at least a week.

With the right aftercare tips in hand, you can be on your way to having a successful dental extraction. Be sure to follow all of your dentist’s recommendations for any procedure that you may have done.