How To Take Care of Your Teeth After Orthodontic Treatment

Patients hear a lot about dos-and-don’ts during orthodontic treatment, but many are left wondering how to maintain a healthy smile once treatment is complete. Orthodontic treatment is a tool to help patients achieve a healthier, more attractive smile, but good oral hygiene habits span across a lifetime. If you are looking for how to best care for your teeth once the braces are off, consider these three tips.

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Wear Retainers

Any orthodontic clinic like Glen Ellyn orthodontist will stress the importance of wearing retainers after braces. The teeth naturally want to drift back into their old position, so it is important that you wear the retainers to keep this from happening. Usually, patients only have to wear retainers at night once treatment is complete.

Have Regular Dental Check-Ups

Straight and beautiful teeth can still get cavities! It is essential that you visit your dentist regularly once you have your braces removed. Preventive care is less invasive and less costly, and for most people, routine dental appointments are recommended twice yearly.

Practice Good Hygiene Habits

When your teeth align correctly, they are easier to clean. It is important that you do not slack up on your hygiene habits after you have your braces taken off, though. For the average person, brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is sufficient. For some, though, extra care needs to be taken. Always be sure that you are following your dentist’s advice for daily hygiene. You also need to make sure that you are cleaning your retainers every time after you wear them.

The field of orthodontics has come a long way in being able to give patients a smile they love. The care does not end the day the braces come off, though, so it is important that each patient understand how to best care for his or her smile.