When To Change Your End Seals For Your Health

End seals are responsible for keeping ink from leaking out of the chamber in an enclosed doctor blade system. If you want to prevent leaks, you should make sure that you change them at the right time. This reduces you from having excessive downtime and improves the quality of your prints.

When They Fail

The most important time to replace your seals is when they fail. You can identify this because failed seals are accompanied by chamber leaks, poor quality prints, excessive blade wear, anilox roll scoring, and press issues.

When You Notice a Chamber Leak

While failed seals cause many chamber leaks in the engraving and printing world, there are other reasons for this. For instance, a chamber leak can occur when you use a seal that is not the right material for your printer. They can also occur if you don’t have the correct fit for your machine. This can be if you have the wrong size or shape. Lastly, a chamber leak can occur if you don’t keep your seals properly lubricated. Any time you notice a chamber leak, it could be due to one of these factors and require that you find a new seal that works with your printer.

When You Don’t Have the Right Material

There are a lot of different materials used to make these seals. The application you are using and the features you desire dictate what material you should purchase. Common materials include foam, rubber, and felt. If you don’t have the right material for your printing job, you should immediately replace your seals.

Knowing when to change your seals keeps you from having a lot of downtime in your printing shop. Additionally, it can provide you with high-quality prints. Be sure to replace your end seals if they fail, you have a chamber leak, or need new material.