Vampire facelifts – the new Hollywood facelift

First of all, let’s cover one thing. No terrifying vampires are actually used in the vampire facelift procedure. There is no biting, no neck sucking, and certainly no castles on a mountain top where it always appears to be night time, all backlit by a full moon, with bare black tree branches filling the scene. Vampire facelifts are non-surgical. Vampire facelifts are non-invasive. And vampire facelifts are taking Hollywood by storm. Sound good?

What is a vampire facelift?

Ever thought of using your own blood to regenerate your skin? No, of course you haven’t. But the clever people behind vampire facelifts dreamt up and perfected the technique. So, how does it work? The procedure is a combination of two restorative elements: dermal fillers and blood plasma (or more specifically, plasma that is rich in platelets). Unlike some of the other constituent parts of your blood (such as the oxygen carrying red blood cells and the anti-disease white blood cells) platelets specialise in promoting healing. The only problem is that platelets are spread out in your blood, meaning they aren’t concentrated enough in one area to have a huge effect – but wait, what iffff…..

Spin your blood and win a prize

Who remembers what a centrifuge is from science class? Yes? No? It’s a spinning machine that you put things in and it spins them. Sounds not very impressive, but it’s super scientific. You see, when you put some of your blood in a tube and then place said tube in a centrifuge and hit the “whizz” button for a few minutes, something quite wonderful happens. Your blood separates into different layers in the tube. The heaviest cells are the red blood cells. As the machine spins, they fly out towards the ‘back’ or ‘bottom’ end, filling almost half of the tube. The next most dense part of your blood is the white blood cells. They sit in a thin layer on top of the red blood cells. Finally, filling just over half of the tube, is the plasma element. This is the stuff we need. 

By using a special technique to apply this platelet rich plasma to your face, and through the addition of dermal fillers, the vampire facelift is complete. The ‘prize’ you win is younger looking fresh skin. The procedure has a rapid recovery time and results last anywhere up to a year and a half. Now you know.