Treatment Options for Spider Vein in South Carolina

Spider veins are small, red, thread-like vessels that can appear on the surface of your skin. They are often found near your groin, legs, feet, arms, or face. These veins can be embarrassing because they stand out against the rest of the skin. They look like a spider web and can be found on the surface of your leg, thigh, or arm. The name “spider vein” comes from their appearance in a close-up view under a microscope. Spider veins occur when the valves in blood vessels do not work correctly to regulate blood flow.

Once you are diagnosed with spider veins, it is essential to know the available options for spider vein treatment in South Carolina. Spider veins are usually nothing to worry about, but they can be unsightly and uncomfortable. The treatment of spider veins typically involves the use of lasers or other devices in one of two ways, either destruction or dilation. Destruction is used for spider veins in areas that are not visible. Meanwhile, dilation is used when the spider veins are near the surface such as on the neck or face. Destruction is not used to treat spider veins in the visible areas as it might lead to scarring.

Let us now explore different treatment options for spider veins available in South Carolina.


  • Sclerotherapy


Sclerotherapy is a common treatment that uses chemical injections to permanently destroy the walls of spider veins. This treatment involves the injection of sodium tetradecyl sulfate into the spider veins to collapse and permanently destroy them.


  • Clarivein


Clarivein is a minimally invasive treatment for spider veins. This procedure minimizes risks such as developing post-procedure complications such as vascular spasm, infection, and skin necrosis. Clarivein successfully treats spider veins on the entire body, including arms, legs, chest, back, and even face with no downtime.


  • Venotonics


Venotonics treatment can be an effective remedy for those who have been affected by frustrating and unsightly spider veins. The procedure consists of inserting a needle into the vein and injecting a saline solution that causes the veins to shrink. This will help to reduce the appearance of spider veins, as well as prevent future recurrence.


  • Lifestyle modifications


Spider veins are an unwanted consequence of being overweight, smoking, and standing too long. They can be treated with a few lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of developing more spider veins. In order to treat spider veins, one must stop smoking and lose weight. Maintaining a healthy diet is also important to decrease the risks for spider veins.