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 The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

If you suffer from crowded teeth or you just want a straighter and more aesthetically appealing smile, there are two main routes you can go down: you can either have traditional braces fitted to your teeth and jaw, or get invisalign new london ct. While advances in technology have made traditional braces less cumbersome and more discreet, Invisalign in South Melbourne offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional braces. This article will go over the biggest benefits of invisalign camberwell that give it an edge over other similar treatments. 

Easier to Maintain

Traditional braces can be difficult to clean as the metal bracket design of braces allows for food and other particles entering the mouth to easily become trapped in the braces themselves. As the invisalign braces uses clear guide moulds fitted to the mouth in order to align the teeth, the aligners can be easily removed, rinsed, brushed and then placed back into the mouth completely clean. If you’re thinking of visiting a clinic offering Invisalign in South Melbourne, it’s important to ask about any special cleaning requirements your particular Invisalign aligners may have. However, Invisalign aligners generally don’t require extensive cleaning or the use of any harsh chemicals in order to maintain them.


One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional braces is the fact that they aren’t the most discreet teeth aligning option on the market. While advances in design and engineering have certainly made modern braces less obtrusive, they’re still not the most subtle device for tooth alignment. Invisalign, on the other hand, is virtually invisible from afar and is also impressively discreet up close too. While this may only seem like a small benefit, this level of discreetness can make a big difference to a person’s overall self-confidence and willingness to attend and participate in social gatherings and events. Clinics that offer Invisalign in South Melbourne consistently report improvements in their client’s confidence levels once treatment is complete. 


Invisalign retainers are custom moulded for each person’s mouth and unique jaw and tooth alignment. This provides Invisalign wearers with superior comfort and functionality compared to those using traditional braces for teeth alignment. Some traditional braces can cause discomfort or pain for users, and in many cases adjustments will be required in order to find the right tension and balance in the mouth to offset this discomfort. Clinics that offer Invisalign in South Melbourne may recommend Invisalign over traditional braces simply because the discomfort caused by braces for some patients may impact their overall wellbeing during the course of treatment. 

Fewer Clinic Visits Needed

Clinics that fit their patients with Invisalign in South Melbourne will usually include aligner trays for up to several phases of treatment. This means that patients won’t have to go back for a repeat visit to their respective clinic until they’ve cycled through each aligner, which could easily take up to 12 months. Fewer visits means more time to tend to work, personal and family matters, and less time spent sitting in waiting rooms and receiving treatments.