OroGold Canada Cosmetics’ Face Mask Application Secrets That Get You Quick Results

Looking to get that relaxed feeling or even improve your oily or dull face with face mask at a faster rate than before? OroGold Cosmetics has you got you covered with expert guides and proven cosmetic products that guarantee quick and quality results.

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You cannot afford to underestimate the magic of face masking, whether as a routine task or something to boost your skin radiance for an urgent appointment. Unfortunately, few people have cracked the secrets of getting faster face masking results.

Here are OroGold Cosmetics’ top tricks that will ensure you get that radiant face or experience that spa-like feeling faster with face masks.

1.      Clean Your Face Thoroughly – OroGold Canada

A common mistake several people make is applying face masks on top of bacteria and dirt. Grime prevents facial products ingredients from penetrating the skin and doing their job. Be sure to use a gentle cleansing product to remove traces of oil, dirt, traces of makeup, and bacteria from your face before masking.

OroGold Cosmetics’ 24k vitamin C facial cleanser is enriched with Retinyl Palmitate, aloe vera, and vitamin to cleanse your face thoroughly without compromising the critical moisture. You can also accompany the cleanser with 24k vitamin C booster facial serum to form a clean foundation for the application of a face mask.

2.      Know Your Face Mask Type – OroGold Canada

Whereas there are several face masks on the market, no single product can help solve all facial concerns. Different types of vegan CBD moisturizing body butter address particular facial issues, so you want to get the right product for your face.

OroGold Cosmetics has a wide range of masks geared towards achieving different purposes. Exfoliating masks help you remove dead skin cells off the skin surface while clay masks speed up healing following an acne breakout. They also aid in removing excess oils. Cream masks will leave your skin hydrated and looking youthful. With the right product, you can be sure to get results quickly.

3.      Accompany Face Masking With Moisturizer – OroGold Canada

Looking to keep your skin radiant all day long? OroGold Cosmetics professionals recommend their customers to a seal off their face masking with a lightweight moisturizer.

A good moisturizing product is formulated with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to keep moisture and serum in your facial skin. This way, you can be sure that the face mask will work harder on your skin and deliver results faster.

4.      Consider Multi-Masking – OroGold Canada

Why restrict yourself to one mask while you can use different types of masks on different parts of your face simultaneously for faster results? To optimize results, try applying a mask for sensitive skin under your eyes and a hydrating mask on your cheeks without forgetting some mask for your lips.

24k Deep Tissue Rejuvenation and Collagen Renewal mask set from OroGold Cosmetics comes with several one-time-use eyes and face masks made with hydrophilic gel. Be sure to apply the Paraben-free products at the same time for a relaxed and calm effect on your face.

5.      Don’t Overdo It – OroGold Canada

You may be tempted to think that leaving your mask for a longer time will offer better results. OroGold Cosmetics strongly advises its customers against such misinformed decisions. Over-masking only damages your skin.

Most face masks are based on clay, and allowing them to stay on your skin for too long will not only leave your skin overly dry but also hamper result delivery. Rinse your mask after about 20 minutes, and hydrate it immediately for optimum results.


Face masking comes with a bundle of benefits but requires you to implement particular strategies to gain them quickly. Try out the above OroGold Cosmetics’ tips to get your face shining and radiant in no time. Most importantly, be sure to use safe products proven to deliver results.