Is surgery abroad better than in the UK

Factors to Consider Before Deciding to Have Your Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Whether done in the UK or abroad, all operations are prone to risks. The critical thing is to consult with your surgeon before undergoing surgery. To avoid complications, the surgeon should also offer aftercare services.

In some instances, having surgery abroad can be hazardous. Travelling back after having had surgery is daunting. Flying back immediately can cause pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. After having surgery abroad, one should wait at least seven days before flying back. There are factors to consider before deciding whether to have your surgery elsewhere or here in the UK. One factor is the cost of the procedure. However, when dealing with costs, one should also consider travel expenses, accommodation costs, and other considerations such as returning for clinics.

Are There Risks of Travelling Abroad for Surgery?

Traveling by air exposes a patient to a couple of risks. The most common risks are a pulmonary embolism and vein thrombosis.

Deep vein thrombosis is characterized by the formation of a blood clot in a vein. This mainly occurs in the leg where it entirely or partially blocks a vein. It causes problems related to blood circulation and can even cause immobility. The symptoms of this defect are warm skin, redness, tenderness, pain, and swelling.

On the other hand, pulmonary embolism is characterised by the occurrence of a blood clot on blood vessels that supply the lungs with blood. Common symptoms of this defect are chest pain, breathlessness, and risk of fatal collapse. After undergoing cosmetic surgery such as tummy tuck, drink plenty of water, and avoid alcoholic drinks.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Cheaper Abroad Compared to the UK?

Sometimes cosmetic surgery is cheaper abroad than in the UK. This is because surgery procedures in the UK are highly regulated by professional bodies such as the healthcare commission. Also, surgeons in the UK are fully responsible in case anything goes wrong after the surgery. Therefore, they are required to have vast experience in the field one practices. In the end, the reassurance cost is pushed to the customer, thus resulting in high charges. All these efforts are geared to ensuring that patients receive high quality services.
Surgeons in the UK are required to provide aftercare services, which is not the case in other countries. The other factor is the cost of living. Cost of operations in the UK is relatively high compared to other countries.

How to Check Whether A Surgeon Is Qualified?

Checking whether a surgeon based abroad is qualified can be a murky process. Doing it in the UK can be quite easy; you just need to check whether the surgeon is registered with the specialist’s plastic surgeons. Other countries have different systems to regulate the standards and qualifications of surgeons. Besides, you should ask your surgeon questions such as his level of training and skills.

Also, you should check whether the clinic has facilities and ascertain that it is clean and safe. You should inquire whether the clinic is regularly inspected to ensure that the facilities are up to date and safe for use. Other concerns that you should raise are the rate of infection and availability of back up facilities in case of an emergency. To know more about plastic surgery, visit here.