How To Determine Whether You Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

After a motorcycle accident, your family and friends must be telling you to hire a good attorney, but you may be thinking whether spending money and going to court is even worth it. While there are certain accident cases you can settle without going to court and hiring an attorney, most motorcycle accidents are deadly and require professional help. 

An accident has the power to change and destroy your life. If you need assistance in recovering compensation from the liable party, contact a Salem Oregon personal injury lawyer

Should you hire a lawyer?

The law can be confusing, and anyone without a law degree cannot understand its various areas. Without legal knowledge, you can be easily fooled into believing that you deserve lesser or no compensation and lose your benefits. A lawyer can protect you from such things and prevent you from making mistakes that may cost you your money. 

Reasons for hiring a lawyer following a motorcycle accident are as follows.

  • You have injuries. 

If you have acquired any kind of injuries from the accident, you need to hire an attorney without a second thought. You may think that your injuries are not serious enough to sue anybody, but your lawyer will help you understand their extent. Often it happens that you do not realize the extent of your injuries immediately after the accident because, at that time, your body is flooded with adrenaline and other hormones that suppress pain temporarily. But this pain may start to show after some time. 

  • The other party rarely offers a reasonable settlement. 

If you think showing medical reports of your injuries would be enough to land you a reasonable compensation to cover all your damages, you are beyond wrong. Believe it or not, the other party does not want to pay you. They will try their best so they can devalue your claim and lower your compensation. If the other party refuses to give you the requested amount, you need to hire an attorney for help. An attorney can put forward arguments and help you gather evidence to maximize your compensation. 

  • You may face unfair biases. 

It is often assumed that in an accident involving a motorcycle, the one driving the motorcycle is always at fault. Some common biases are: 

  • They drive too fast. 
  • They are reckless. 
  • It is hard to see them on the road.

The other party may put these unfair biases on you and try to manipulate you. However, nothing is true in a personal injury claim until it is proven with valid evidence. Your attorney can make sure you are treated fairly.