First Aid: Transportation Rules

Accidents, injuries, and illnesses can happen to us suddenly and anywhere. Therefore, the promptness of care often depends on the people around the victim, especially if they have First Aid skills. Erste-Hilfe Kurs München determines the First Aid as a set of necessary measures aimed at preserving the life and health of the victim until the provision of qualified medical care.

Transportation of the victim

The main thing is not only how to take the victim to a medical facility and what kind of transport, but how to quickly take measures to ensure maximum peace and comfort. The victims are transferred: on the arms, shoulders, back; one or two persons by means of carrying straps, sanitary burdens, and improvised means.

Erste Hilfe lehrgang offers to transport the victim on a stretcher. The stretcher is placed on the side of the victim where there is damage. If a fracture of the spine is suspected, vodka is placed on a solid stretcher – a shield, a door. If such means are not present, it is possible to use a blanket, a coat. 

Führerschein Erste Hilfe Kurs provides common rules of transportation:

  • The position of the victim on a stretcher on his back should be with his head raised.
  • In case of chest injuries, the victim should be in a semi-sitting position.
  • At fractures of bones of extremities, it is necessary to impose the tire. In order to create maximum peace for them, it is not recommended to transfer the victim from one stretcher to another.
  • In case of chest injury, transport the victim in a semi-sitting position.

Erste Hilfe Kurs advises not to transport the victim alone, and ask for help from others. Try to follow these recommendations, but keep in mind that sometimes the first necessity may be to move quickly (for example, the threat of a car fire).