Eyelash Extensions: The Pros And Cons You Need To Consider

If you’ve been interested in getting lash extensions for quite some time now, it’s probably opportunity to break down all the useful information so you can land the best decision. Although getting lash extensions aren’t really risky, especially at, it’s still advantageous to go in all-prepared.

There can be several considerations you need to take into account before deciding to get them. Apart from the usual such as your budget and purpose, you also need to think about whether or not you can handle the maintenance. Also, do you have a prospect technician with enough experience and credibility? Because if you’re only getting lash extensions because someone is offering it at a cheap cost, you might want to cancel right away. The working area is still around your eyes, and that’s a delicate part of your face you need to protect.

That and this information below is what you need to learn more about before going to book an appointment. Here are some pros and cons of getting lash extensions.

  • PRO: You Can Cut Your Makeup Routine In Half

One of the advantages, if not the best, of getting eyelash extensions is how you can speed things up in your routine. For instance, you can sleep an extra twenty to thirty minutes in the morning because your makeup routine is already almost done. Imagine all the other things you can do by cutting down a few minutes which used to be dedicated to eyelash curling and mascara alone. Apart from that, you can also play around with makeup even more or spend more time in other areas of your face. You can even get away with just a tinted lip balm in the morning when you’re running late for work. Having lash extensions adds an instant touch of glamour that, so far, no mascara can ever deliver.

  • PRO: Lash Extensions Are Customizable

One of the reasons why you should go to an expert is so you can discuss the perfect lash style. There’s a lash style that works specifically well for your eye shape, which is why you need to get that consultation first. Still, one of the great things about lash extensions is that you have several options to choose from in terms of the overall look. You can get hybrid lash extensions from Fancy Lash for a glamorous look or go natural with a classic style. In the end, the choice is yours. And you can even customize it.

  • PRO: No More Mascara Mishaps

While mascara is one of the easier makeup items to use, not everyone still knows how to use it best. Sometimes, no matter how expensive it is, you can still end up with clumpy, runny, or spider-like lashes. And if you want to avoid that, lash extension is a great solution.

  • CON: It Requires Proper Maintenance

Probably the only downside to getting lash extensions is that it needs maintenance. However, all it takes is daily brushing, a few applications of lash conditioner, or a quick trip to your lash technician.

Final Word

If you want to try it, don’t be afraid to get eyelash extensions as long as it’s from a professional. You can enjoy a lot of benefits while you always look fresh and ready to go.