Exploring the Relationship Between Natural Surroundings and  Recovery in Rehab Centers

Nature can heal you. This has been proven by numerous rehab centers all over the world that centered their therapies and healing activities around nature. If you’re looking for a way to heal and recover that is free from any tension it’s time to consider rehab centers surrounded by nature. This article will guide you if you want to fully understand how the environment aids rehab patients. We will discuss how nature can effectively help you heal from your past and move forward to a healthy and meaningful future. Read on to learn more about how recovering in nature-centric rehab centers can help you heal.

The Power of Nature to Heal

Humans inherently know that nature provides healing. Since times of old, we have devised ways to use herbal remedies and expose ourselves to nature for healing and recovery. Even the Greek physician Hippocrates ran a hospital with a garden and would prescribe his patients to stay in the garden and go for walks to allow for the best possible condition for healing. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development even reported that an hour of walking through nature can lower stress. This is why ecotherapy is now being actively utilized by rehab centers to help people recover from substance abuse and different kinds of addiction. 

The Top Benefits of Natural Surroundings in Rehab Centers

The following are the top benefits of being in a rehab center that is surrounded by nature:

  1. Being in nature’s presence can effectively help in reducing a person’s anxiety and level of stress.
  2. People who surround themselves with nature have better health –– they move more, sleep better, and experience reduced cravings.
  3. Individuals who choose to heal surrounded by nature gain mental clarity and are better able to regulate their emotions.

Mindfulness and Mind-Body Healing

Healing effectively takes place in rehabs surrounded by nature because it becomes easier for individuals to practice mindfulness. Natural environments promote one’s ability to be mindful. Being mindful is essential in achieving an ideal state where mind-body healing can take place. The more mindful a person is, the more that such a person will feel at peace and in control. The more mindful one is, the more one can easily feel what his or her body needs. Sensations of cravings will be seen as a situation that can be solved and not a problem that cannot be controlled. Mindfulness allows for surrender and full control at the same time.


Nature-Based Therapies

The following are nature-based therapies that rehab centers incorporate in their recovery programs:

  1. Horticultural Therapy – patients get to work with plants in order to recover and successfully heal
  2. Adventure Therapy – activities to promote healing will involve rock climbing, canoeing, and obstacle course
  3. Equine-Assisted Therapy – a person will be participating in activities that require interacting with horses with a trained therapist. It involves caring for the horses, grooming the horses, and of course, horseback riding.
  4. Forest Bathing – this therapy originated in Japan and it involves mindfully observing nature and connecting with nature while walking or pausing while inside a forest.
  5. Animal-Assisted Therapy – individuals will interact with animals while outdoors 


But for all the benefits of nature-based therapies, you also need to be aware of things that you need to consider. When considering a nature-centric rehab center, you should keep the following in mind:

  1. Will the rehab program be practical?
  2. Will the rehab center be in an ideal location?
  3. Will the rehab center and rehab program be safe?
  4. Will the rehab program be accessible?

To address such challenges, you should opt to do extensive research. Read studies and if you can, interview people who have undergone the nature-centric therapies that you are considering. Only then will you be able to gauge if the nature-centric rehab program that you prefer is best for you. 

Rehab Centers Embracing Nature

If you’re looking for a rehab center that is nature-centric, many can be found around Europe, the United States, and Asia. European rehab centers can be pricey so if you’re determined to experience a nature-centric recovery program but are limited when it comes to financial means, you could consider world-class nature-centric rehab centers in Asia like Calm Rehab in Bali.

What Lies Ahead

The future is bright for everyone who wishes to recover in a natural, tension-free, and mindful manner through rehab centers that offer ecotherapy. More and more people now know that individuals suffering from addiction can opt for a completely different recovery process. Things need not be cold and harsh anymore. Healing can now take place in a natural way bereft of any force or additional stress. This kind of recovery is promising as it is not intimidating. This gentle approach is something that most people need.


Every person is always only one decision away from healing. Healing can take place in thousands of ways and nature-centric rehab centers offer one that will make recovery simpler and truer. You should give nature-centric rehab centers a try if you want a break from it all. It’s hard to heal in the very place that wounded you. Give yourself the chance to heal by surrounding yourself with the calm and soothing presence of nature. You can begin your recovery now. All you have to do is decide.