Does Ozempic Have to Be Refrigerated

Ozempic, a medication commonly used to manage type 2 diabetes, often comes with questions regarding its storage. One of the most frequent inquiries is about its refrigeration. Proper storage of medication ensures its efficacy and safety. This article aims to provide clarity on how to store Ozempic correctly.

Understanding Ozempic

Ozempic, also known by its generic name semaglutide, is an injectable prescription medication. It assists in regulating blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. Proper storage conditions are paramount to maintaining its effectiveness.

Storage Recommendations Before Opening

  1. Refrigeration: Before its first use, Ozempic should be stored in a refrigerator. The recommended temperature range is between 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F). It should never be frozen. If accidentally frozen, the medication should not be used.
  2. Keep in Original Carton: To protect from light, the pen should remain in its original carton until it’s time for its use.

Storage Guidelines After Opening

  1. Room Temperature or Refrigeration: Once opened, you can store Ozempic either in a refrigerator or at room temperature. Room temperature should ideally be below 30°C (86°F).
  2. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Avoid exposing the opened Ozempic pen to temperatures above 30°C (86°F). Likewise, it should not be refrigerated below the recommended range or frozen.
  3. Duration: An opened Ozempic pen can be used for up to 56 days. Post this period, it’s advised to discard the pen, even if it contains some medication.

Travel Considerations

For those on the move:

  1. Travel Packs: Use an insulated travel pack to maintain a cool environment for the medication, especially if you’re traveling to areas with warmer climates.
  2. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Always keep the Ozempic pen away from direct sunlight, even when you’re in transit.
  3. Air Travel: When flying, always carry Ozempic in your hand luggage to avoid the extreme cold of the cargo hold. Additionally, it’s wise to keep a copy of your prescription for smooth security checks.


While Ozempic needs to be refrigerated before its initial use, there is flexibility in its storage post-opening. Whether you choose to keep it at room temperature or in the fridge, the key is to avoid temperature extremes and direct sunlight. Proper storage not only ensures the efficacy of the medication but also guarantees its safety. If ever in doubt about the storage conditions or the medication’s effectiveness, always consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist.