Breast Reduction Procedure In A Nutshell

Are you struggling with large breasts? Do you feel uncomfortable to walk and interact due to big breasts? If yes, consider opting for the breast reduction procedure. In the past few years, the popularity of this one of a kind surgery has grown by leaps and bounds. Even famous celebrities such as Queen Latifah and Ariel Winter are reaping the benefits of this innovative procedure. Let’s find out what breast reduction is, its benefits, and the actual procedure.

What is breast reduction?

As the name indicates, the procedure involves reducing the size of the breast. Typically, women with large breasts are an ideal candidate for the surgery. The procedure aims at getting rid of excess fat and skin from breasts to give them optimal size and shape.

Breast reduction surgical procedure

First of all, the surgeon will collect details of your health condition – we recommend this breast reduction Philadelphia option. If you’re an ideal candidate, the doctor will give you medications for a few days before the surgery. Plus, you’ll be required to quit drinking and smoking at least a month before the surgery.

Once the pre-surgery instructions are followed properly, the doctor will give you general anesthesia on the day of surgery. Due to anesthesia, you won’t feel anything on your upper body part. Next, the surgeon will perform incisions to eliminate excess fat. The type of incisions largely depends on your health condition and your desired boob size.

Also, the size of the areola will be reduced to match the reduced breast size. Once the desired size is attained, the cuts and incisions will be covered with skin adhesives and other treatments. After the procedure, the surgeon will ask you to stick to certain dos and don’ts for a few weeks or months. Over time, the pain will subside and you’ll get to enjoy appealing breasts you ever wished.

Benefits of breast reduction

Enhanced persona

The prime reason why women opt for this procedure is enhanced individuality. Usually, large breasts hamper the looks significantly. By bringing the abnormal breast size to the normal size, the procedure tweaks your persona elegantly.

Improved posture

Many people think that big breasts only give an unsightly appearance. However, that’s not true. The downsides associated with large breasts are varied. Ask any lady with big breasts and you’ll understand the problems. A crooked posture is another draw-down.

Oversized breasts hinder good posture. The lack of the right posture often leads to many other health problems such as muscle pain and lower back pain. Breast reduction lets you improve your posture and avert potential problems by removing excess fat and skin.

Participation in sports and other activities

Often women with big breasts are unable to participate in sporting activities. Large breasts serve as a big obstacle in taking part in running and other sports. It can also keep you from strenuous activities such as bodybuilding or wresting.

Your dreams to become an athlete or sportswoman could get shattered due to your breasts. However, you may resolve this problem through breast reduction. The breast reduction procedure eliminates excess mass from your breasts and restores your body to a normal position. That lets you become an ideal candidate for many sports.