Amp Up Your Fitness Routine Using Ankle Weights

Did you know that you can achieve many fitness goals with ankle weights? You can carry them easily when going on vacation or even in the back of your car if you want to use them at the fitness center after work.

Fitness experts have come up with numerous exercises to utilize them, including variations of bodyweight workouts and yoga. It is better to check them out here and create time to try them soon.

Superman with Ankle Weights

When ankle weight exercises are mentioned, this is typically the easiest one that comes to mind. These workouts are done by lying on the ground with your stomach and raising both the arms and legs in the air as far as possible. More effect is felt when weights are added onto your legs, and this is where the glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles will fire up even more. However, the weights should be increased gradually so that they do not become overwhelming.

Weighted Leg Raises

These workouts have a great effect on the entire lower body and abs. They are done by lying on your back with the entire body coming into contact with the ground. Gradually raise your legs up in the air until they are straight up.

When ankle weights are added, the results on the abs are awesome. Most dedicated fitness experts check out Musclesfax so that they do not miss their dose of enhancement gear to boost their weighted leg raises and the many other workouts they are involved in.

Calves with Ankle Weights

Believe it or not, calves usually make a strongman’s workout routine complete. They are very important for the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles that are often neglected. When ankle weights are added, they increase the effect. Notably, calves are done better with the help of certain equipment. But fitness experts agree that ankle weights can work in harmony with most if not all equipment out there. If you working out at home with these simple weights, achieving your fitness goals is very easy.

Weighted Lunges

This is the last ankle weight exercise that we are going to discuss today. It is interesting that someone can boost their lunges through the use of ankle weights and achieve exceptional results. As we all know, lunges are commonly weighted by dumbbells on the arms to enhance the effect. In the same way, you can increase the effect on the lower body by wearing ankle weights.

Lunging involves bringing one leg forward and letting the other remain at the back. Both legs should have the weights so that the effect is proportional. Expose both legs to similar workouts in an alternating way. Consistency is key for notable results.


If you are obsessed with workouts that are meant to build more muscles and pack more strength into your body, using ankle weight is critical. It is up to you to know the amount of weight to add depending on the workout you are doing. The most demanding workout should use moderate weight while the less demanding ones should have a higher weight.