Divorce in Ottawa: Contact a lawyer without delay

It is not mandatory by law to hire a lawyer for your divorce in Ontario. Divorce is seldom a pleasant experience. The decision to end your marriage requires courage, and while this could be an emotional time, you have to be correct about everything else. Before you talk to your spouse or evaluate your options, you must consider talking to an Ottawa divorce lawyer without delay. Here’s more about hiring a lawyer for the case. 

The requirements for a divorce in Ottawa

Like most provinces, there are specific requirements in Ontario too. Either (or both) of the spouses must have lived in Ottawa or the province for 12 months preceding the divorce (at the least). There are different grounds for divorce, including adultery and cruelty (may refer to mental or physical cruelty). You can also file for a divorce when you and your spouse are living apart for a year. Keep in mind that these are just basic aspects of family laws. 

Reasons to get a divorce lawyer

  • You need advice. As a spouse, you have your rights to properties and other marital assets. If you are unsure of your rights or what you can and cannot do in a divorce, talk to a lawyer without fail. 
  • You are not talking to your spouse. Get a lawyer if your marriage is in a bad situation, where there is no room for you to talk to your spouse about the divorce. Your divorce lawyer can be your most trusted source for mediation. 
  • You have minor kids. Your divorce can make you bitter, and it can be hard to think rationally about certain things. Matters like child support, child custody, and alimony can be complicated, and it is wise to get advice from a divorce lawyer on key decisions. 

How much does a divorce lawyer charge in Ottawa?

It depends. In most cases, divorce lawyers charge an hourly rate for their work. If your divorce is unlikely to be contested, or you can come to an agreement with your spouse on relevant aspects, hiring an attorney doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always share your financial position with a lawyer, and they can make an arrangement that works for both of you. 

Finally, make sure that you are an attorney with experience. There is no denying that divorce laws are complicated. It would help if you found a lawyer who is available and accessible at all times.