Dental Care

Dentists Who Don’t Bite

Holding still while a stranger puts their hands in your mouth can be an overwhelming experience for little ones. However, avoiding regular dental check-ups and cleanings could spell disaster for children as they mature. The great news is that there are trained professionals who know just how to approach your child in a kind and […]


How to Use Essential Oils as Antiseptics

Currently, we are fixated on germs and disorder, particularly when the Swine influenza turned into a pandemic as per the broad communications. You see antibacterial cleansers and sanitizers all over the place. Anti-toxins are recommended to any mellow condition, for example, regular colds. The overuse of every one of these items prompts the developing issue […]


Healthy embryos through Gene Therapy? Explains senior embryologist  Goral Gandhi 

With the introduction of assisted reproduction, the possibilities of what we can achieve through IVF are quite non-constraining. Be it Therapeutic embryo procedures, Gene therapy, cryopreservation, the procedures have helped greatly in contributing to a patient’s fertility. Talking about the gene therapy, Dr Goral Gandhi, a senior embryologist ad founder of Indo Nippon IVF, Mumbai, […]


How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels – Tips For Diabetics to Fight Blood Glucose Levels Without Insulin

Diabetes occurs when the gland behind the stomach, known as the pancreas does not generate enough insulin, an essential hormone that is responsible for carrying sugar from the blood to the cells. Once the sugar is inside the cells, the sugar is then converted into energy for further use. Natural Ways to Lower Blood Sugar […]


How Can You Use Peptides?

According to research, it is believed that bioactive peptides offer an array of health benefits. For example, they can serve as antioxidants, lower high blood pressure, improve immune function, kill microbes, prevent blood clots, and reduce inflammation. According to other industry experts like Ryan Smith from Lexington KY, they offer other benefits, too. Keep reading […]