Why Hair Transplants Are So Successful Health

A hair transplant is a type of treatment available for people who are suffering from hair thinning, hair loss or balding. A large percentage of the people who are suffering from these conditions are men. This is because the most common gene that causes baldness is found on the X chromosome. Men typically only have one X chromosome, so if their one X chromosome has this gene, they start to suffer from hair loss. Women have two X chromosomes and in order for them to go bald, this baldness gene needs to be present on both of their X chromosomes, which is less likely to happen.

Hair Transplants Are Incredibly Successful

Thankfully for balding men and women, the hair transplant Chevy Chase MD is an incredibly successful procedure. So why is that? Well, the reason why they are so successful is because of the way they work. A transplant begins with your doctor removing healthy hair follicles from another part of your body. They will choose an area that has a large number of follicles, to begin with, so that the removal of these follicles is less noticeable. They will also choose an area that is easy to cover up or is typically covered, for the same reason.

After removing these hair follicles, your doctor will transplant them to the balding area. These follicles are what will cause hair to start growing in this area in the future. Therefore, hair transplants are so successful because healthy hair follicles are transplanted to your balding areas and, naturally, do their job and cause hair to grow there.

Hair transplants are a great solution for people who are suffering from minor, moderate or even severe hair loss problems. You will no longer have to worry about your hair loss because hair transplants are known to be incredibly successful.