When To Change Your Probiotic

There may come a time that your probiotics just do not work as efficiently as they did anymore. You are thinking that maybe it’s something else in your diet that may have caused the effect or it is something that you have changed lately in your habits. However, just like your first thought, it may actually well be the probiotics that you are taking.

The supplement that you are taking should make an immediate change in your body. If it does not, then you already have your first red flag. The most observable change will start from your gut where your probiotics will do most of the work. Through the course of your consumption of probiotics, you are going to notice how they take effect on your body.

If over the course of several weeks, you are not noticing any effects on your body, then it is time to change the probiotic that you are taking. Below are some of the most common reasons as to why your probiotics may not be working and what you can do to make sure that no time is wasted when it is time for a changeup.

You Aren’t Maintaining a Good Routine

If you have a routine that you can follow on a day-to-day basis, the chances of you forgetting to take your probiotics are slim to none. The probiotics that you are taking need a long time before they consistently take effect. Although there are effects that are almost instantaneous, you can not depend on these sudden surges in your body to be always there.

It is still up to you to take ensure that the routine that you have set is followed and observed carefully. Any changes to your routine, even if it does not involve the consumption of your probiotic, should be taken note of for clarity in your records. A habit will take you only 21 days to establish, so keep a reminder to yourself during those first 3 weeks.

The Strains Don’t Reach Your Digestive Tract Alive

If you are taking a probiotic that is in a veggie-based capsule, you might not be taking in strains that are alive. You have to ensure that the bacteria from your stomach acid are protected efficiently by your probiotic. It is important to note that up to 96% of the probiotics that enter your body do not live long enough to take effect when they reach your stomach acid.

When this is the case for the probiotic that you are taking, you should change to a probiotic that has a long-delayed delivery mechanism. Instead of instantly perishing from your stomach acid, these probiotics can stay alive for longer to bring you the full effect that you are expecting from them in the process.

Your Method of Consumption Isn’t For You

It’s not uncommon to think that different bodies react in different ways. That is true for probiotics as well. A method of consumption that may work for 9 other people may not work as well, if at all, for you.
Not all probiotics are made equal. You have to know what you’re ingesting and should choose the best product for you.