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Treating Teeth Grinding with A Mouthguard

It is a known fact that people who grind their teeth at night experience some dental issues. These issues can be in the form of tooth wear, pain, or other dental problems. These problems are a result of continuous grinding and clenching.

Many people grind their teeth unconsciously, while some don’t even know they are grinding them. Other patients become aware that they are grinding their teeth when they start having dental damage and discomfort, such as continuous jaw joint headaches or pain, teeth fractures, teeth cracks, misaligned bites, and tooth wear.

If you are unsure whether you grind your teeth, you can find out from your dentist. The dentist will conduct an evaluation and inform you of the tending signs he noticed. These signs are called bruxism. If you experience temporomandibular joint problems, you should check for bruxism. This is because there are connections between TMJ disorder and bruxism.

If you are diagnosed with bruxism, you should get treated for it. You should also get treated for any dental problem the bruxism has induced. This is to ensure that you have the requisite knowledge of all the options open to you regarding achieving hygienic oral health.

The most common way to treat bruxism is to use custom mouth guards raleigh nc. The patient is to wear this mouth guard when he’s sleeping. It prevents the teeth from grinding or meeting when the patient is asleep.

Using Mouth Guards and Mouth Splints to Treat Teeth Grinding

The most practical method of treating teeth grinding is using a mouth guard or splint. They help reduce pressure on your jaw and set up a barrier between the lower and upper teeth. This protects your teeth from aggravated damage. They minimize grinding noises that patients make while asleep.

You can make a custom mouth guard to fit perfectly into your mouth. The mouth guard for treating bruxism is similar to those used by boxers or rugby players. They are made of plastic or rubber. However, if you don’t have funds for a custom mouth guard, you can visit a nearby pharmacist for one. But it is difficult to get an over-the-counter mouth guard that perfectly fits your mouth the way a custom-made one will.

The mouth splint is manufactured from harder plastics. It is placed over the lower and upper teeth. It is also very effective in decreasing the signs of teeth grinding. However, mouth splints are more expensive than mouth guards. They are also durable and strong. They can last for many years, but you can only use mouth guards for a few months.

Other Ways of Treating Teeth Grinding

Apart from the dental way, there are other ways of treating teeth grinding. You can engage in psychological treatments like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). For instance, you can treat stress and anxiety if they are the underlying cause of your bruxism.

This helps you relax, and as a result, you’ll have a good night’s rest. You can do the following things before bed: yoga, listening to music, having a bath, reading, massage, and deep breathing.