Top Tips to Follow During and After Use of Rogaine Shampoo

Rogaine is a powerful hair loss product, which has found way into many topical ointments, liquids, foam-based products and even shampoos for treating baldness issues. These are some tips that you need to follow while using the Rogaine shampoo, and even after its application.

Keep the scalp dry before and after shampooing

Ensure that your scalp and hair are fully dry before you apply this shampoo. Also, after you apply the shampoo, you should not use a hairdryer immediately afterwards to dry your scalp. If you use a hairdryer on your scalp to blow on your hair, it will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Let it rest on the scalp

Once you apply a Rogaine shampoo on your scalp, let it rest for a while. Try not to apply the shampoo before you go to bed. Wet scalp and hair can be damaging and invite more hair loss. Thoroughly wash your hands and other areas on which you find the shampoo, so as to avoid unwanted hair loss problems.

Apply it only on the scalp

Keep in mind that Rogaine contains the powerful ingredient known as Minoxidil that is proven to have powerful hair re-growing effects. Thus, when you shampoo the hair, take care that it does not get on the other parts of your body, such as:

  • Cheeks
  • Neck
  • Nape
  • Sideburns

It is a good idea to apply the shampoo only in small amounts on the hair to avoid spillage and flowing over of the shampoo to these other areas. Apply only the amount that is mentioned in the package onto the region of the scalp that is being treated, starting from the middle area. Follow the package directions on how to apply the shampoo, possibly with the applicator that is offered along with the product.