Things to Know Regarding Laser Eye Surgery

If you’ve worn glasses or contacts for years, the idea of not having to reach for them every day is certainly appealing. Waking up and simply being able to see across the room sounds wonderful. For many patients, laser eye surgery can make that dream a reality. Here are a few things to know before you talk to your doctor about whether this surgery is right for you.

Many Advantages

If you are healthy and your vision correction is stable, laser eye surgery Pittsburgh PA is likely to work well for you. This surgery corrects vision in approximately 96% of the patients who undergo it. It tends to be nearly painless, and results are immediate for many who have the surgery. Most patients can forego the use of glasses or contact lenses completely after surgery.

Consider the Cost

Most insurances will not cover laser eye surgery, as it is considered elective surgery. Be sure you know before you begin how much this procedure will cost you. It may make sense to start a savings plan to build up the funds to cover the costs. Your doctor might also work with you to set up a payment plan, so talk with him or her about your options.

Complications Are Possible

The vast majority of people who have laser eye surgery experience few complications, if any. Also, these side effects are often temporary and resolve on their own after a short time. It’s important before opting for any surgery, though, to understand what side effects are possible. Talk with your doctor and understand what complications are possible to determine if you are ready for this surgery.

Determining that laser eye surgery is a good choice for you can leave you feeling free and hopeful about the future of your sight. The prospect of not having to wear glasses again can be truly exciting for many.