Things to Know and Avoid About E – Cigarettes and Vaping

Vapping can definitely be a great pleasure. To get the most out of vaping, we at electronic cigarette canada want to help you avoid the frequent vaping mistakes novices make.

Too much, too soon!

Often someone new to vaping asks how to use these new to them devices. With sub ohm or temperature control, you breathe steam directly into your lungs and breathe huge clouds. These devices can be complex and you will need to know with what power you can adjust it with respect to your evaporator resistance. This may be too much information and too soon.

When you enter a vape shop or most sites, they advertise sophisticated high-end products, even if e-cigarettes are new to you. This should not happen. People say that they are frustrated when they try to use a vape device and do not enjoy it. This can easily be avoided. Start nice and easy without complicating things.

You don’t need an expensive and sophisticated device to get started with vaping. Stay in control of your choice. It’s better to buy online than at a store where they may be able to sell you what is available, not what is right for you. Take something easy to enjoy.

Choosing the wrong fluid

The next common vaping mistake for new vapers that we often hear about is choosing the wrong fluid. And by “wrong” it means the wrong PG / VG ratio for the device being used.

Choose the right VG / PG fluid

If you have an MTL evaporator you can use liquids containing 50/50 VG / PG. However, if you are using RDA / RTA evaporators it is good to switch to liquids with a minimum VG content of 70% and a maximum PG content of 30%.

No tobacco, no tar

Electronic cigarettes are similar to analog cigarettes but do not contain tobacco, tar and the hundreds of carcinogens and chemicals that are released when a real cigarette is burned. The e-cigarette has many strengths so that it can replace the method of smoking a real e-cigarette. The quality of the nicotine fluid will create a pleasant feeling for you.

You can evaporate ANYWHERE!

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. This avoids all non-smoking restrictions. You can smoke an E-cigarette anywhere indoors. With Electronic Cigarettes you can get a lot of “smoke” and a nice taste of your chosen aroma, which will completely replace your habit for a certain type of cigarette without interfering with the people around you.

The electronic cigarettes should have all the necessary certificates of quality CE, SGS, ROHS, KC. They need to offer a full warranty on all electronic cigarettes, batteries and chargers.

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