The Correct Way To Use The Massage Ball

A massage ball can help release muscle tension after a long time in the office and after a workout. Well, it might be hard to reach certain areas like feet, buttocks, upper, and upper back. “Trigger points” are the massive sources of pain in our body, and self-massage techniques can be satisfying. Before getting into the main part, there are a few things you need to know that will help you reach the best results. If you have pain that is not recovering from medicines, contact

The correct way to use the massage ball

Begin with a few loops at a time. The concept is to trap the muscle trigger and apply it gently to normal pressure until the pain has faded. When you find the correct spot, hold it there and relax until 80% of the ache remains. If you press too firmly, the sensation can be painful to relax, defeating the objective of using the massage ball initially and potentially irritating the area. Roll the ball to discover more tender areas and enjoy gently going back and forth on the muscle. If your muscle needs it, you can perform it twice a day. After you are done with the knots, follow up with soft stretches to the same muscle. It is good to exercise the muscle but avoid fatigue for 24 hours lightly. 

  • Shoulders

Lean your back against a wall and keep the ball between your shoulder blade and neck. Lean into the wall and roll sideways or up and down. Hold to release knots as you find them. 

  • Neck

With your opposite hand, use the ball to rub over the upper trapezius muscle (slope of your neck into the shoulder).

  • Feet

While standing or sitting, take your shoes off and step on the ball lightly. Roll the ball with the bottom of your foot in different directions.

  • Buttocks

Place the ball on the tender spot in the buttock area and apply pressure leaning yourself on the wall with your body. Spot the tender area by rolling up and down. Sometimes you have to move your body to the side so the ball presses into the side of your hip. Do not press on bones. You can also perform this by sitting on a chair or lying on the floor, but it is not recommended for first-timers as it is difficult to control the pressure.