The Best Way to Store Your Medication

Storing medication correctly helps ensure that it is still effective and helps protect children and pets from poisoning accidents. At Williams Bros Long Term Care Pharmacy, a long-term pharmacy serving Indiana and Illinois, we can help you identify the best places to store your medications and how to dispose of them when you don’t need them anymore.

Long-term Pharmacy Storage Recommendations

Heat, light, air and moisture can damage your medications. Keep your medications in a cool, dry place. Avoid the bathroom or kitchen cabinets near a stove or other hot appliance. Don’t store medications on a windowsill where they will be in direct sunlight.

Keep your medication in its original container. This ensures you will take the correct medication. The container also has important information, such as the name of the long-term pharmacy where you got the medication, whether you have any refills and when it expires, or becomes ineffective.

Protect your children and pets. Always store medications out of reach and sight, in a box or cabinet with a child-proof lock.

Even when properly stored, medications can become damaged or deteriorate. Never take a medication that is discolored, or that has changed texture, appearance or smell. Don’t take pills that stick together or are chipped or cracked.

When you are finished with the medications, dispose of it safely and promptly. Do not throw it in the toilet, as it affects the water supply. Take it to your long-term pharmacist or a community disposal site.

You can also mix it with coffee grounds or kitty litter, package it and place it in the trash. Storing your medication correctly helps ensure that it is potent and that you and others are safe.