Ten Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

Affecting nearly a third of the global population hair loss may just be the most common health issue we deal with worldwide. Factually speaking an average human loses about 100 strands of hair each day, which sounds like a big number but really isn’t. Since hair loss is quite a natural occurrence, one doesn’t really need to worry about it, as long as there are a few follicles falling off in a day — when this problem escalates and you can see that your hair loss is happening at a more than average rate is when you need to start thinking about hair loss prevention in London. Hair fall happens due to myriad reasons — ranging from diet, deficiency of minerals or even medications, environmental factors such as pollution or sometimes human factors such as genetics to play a vital role. No matter what the reason be, we present to you 10 ways in which you can prevent hair fall, which does not limit itself to hair transplant in London:

  1. Washing your hair on a regular basis with a mild shampoo and how you can prevent your hair loss by keeping your scalp clean. By doing so, you ensure that there are no infections in your scalp and also no dandruff which ends up increasing hair breakage and hair loss. Apart from this having clean hair also gives the impression of having a voluminous mane and is a good way for hair restoration in London.
  2. Pay attention to any vitamin deficiencies by fortifying your diet with them, Apart from being good for the body, they can also do wonders to the hair. For example, vitamin A can help in ensuring that the natural production of sebum in your scalp is at healthy levels whereas a healthy blood circulation which keeps the follicles in an active state can be achieved by vitamin E. Get a Scalp Micropigmentation Edinburgh for your hair betterment. 
  3. Make sure that your diet is full of healthy proteins. Eating protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, soy, eggs, etc. can help in bettering your hair healthy and also help in curbing hair loss.
  4. Massage your head with essential oils — this is a one really helpful tip for those who are suffering from hair loss and looking for methods of hair loss prevention in London. Massaging your scalp helps in keeping the follicles activated use essential oils such as lavender as an addition to other hair-friendly oils like almond or sesame oil.
  5. A beneficial tip that one needs to pay attention to, is avoiding combing when the hair is not dry. Your hair is in their most vulnerable state when wet so it may end up increasing hair loss. If there is no option but to do so, then use a comb that has a wider tooth.
  6. Use either garlic, ginger or onion juice for your hair as weird as it may sound try sleeping, with it in your hair then washing it away the next day. Try to follow this routine let’s say at least 7 days to notice a difference which will go a long way towards your hair loss prevention in London.
  7. Another really important step towards hair loss prevention is to keep yourself thoroughly hydrated. The composition of your hair is such that they are almost 1/4th water — so ensure that you have 4-8 glasses of H2O so that you are well hydrated and your hair grows in a healthy fashion.
  8. Using green tea as a method of hair loss prevention can be fantastic— as outlandish as it may sound- research has proven that steeping 2 bags of green tea in a cup of water and then post-cooling application to one’s hair, will stimulate the follicles, rinse it out, post roughly 60 minutes and follow this procedure for at least a week to 10 days to see the difference.
  9. Reducing your alcohol consumption can also help assist hair loss prevention in London. Research has shown that alcohol ends up reducing the rate of your growth of hair, so just eliminate it from your diet and see a difference.
  10. Smoking ends up reducing blood flow to your scalp that ends up reducing your hair growth. So quit cigarettes to prevent hair loss.

Thus, if trying to look at methods of hair loss prevention that doesn’t involve a hair transplant in London then the aforementioned pointers are your best bet.