Sameer Suhail Brings Medical Imaging Services to Underserved Communities

Sameer Suhail earned his degree from El Hadji IbrahimaNiasse University Dakar, Senegal, St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in 2006. Throughout the past decade, he has rarely done private practice. Suhail focuses on providing affordable, accessible public healthcare, not expensive treatments, unlike other medical professionals. In fact, he typically works with safety-net hospitals.

One of the most notable accomplishments in his past years is that he has been able to bring advanced medical imaging technologies into underserved communities. Let’s take a look at some of the ways he has helped offer quality healthcare to various communities.


Ultrasonography uses ultrasound pulse echoes to portray various objects and sections inside the body. Ultrasonography offers a safe and effective method for examining various objects inside the human body, such as joints or muscles. It can detect things like muscles, joints, or blood vessels with incredible detail; it even shows you what’s happening in fetal development! Pregnant women sometimes rely on this technology for checking the health, growth, and development of their growing unborn child as well.


<p>X-rays produce electromagnetic waves to create a visual image of the internal features of opaque body structures like your bones, skull, or lungs. For instance, let’s say you fell and broke your leg. An x-ray machine can help the physician pinpoint the location and degree of the fracture. There are many reasons a patient might need an x-ray, so having the ability to receive one without having to travel far is an important factor when planning community health services.


In recent decades, we have seen more and more evidence demonstrate that preventative care and regular examinations can save lives. Mammography is one example of an important diagnostic tool used by your healthcare providers. Physicians rely on mammograms to detect signs of breast cancer among women. Women should start getting annual checkups after reaching the age of 40.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scans

CT scans utilize x-ray technologies to produce clear visual images of your internal organs from various angles. Physicians use this machine to pinpoint tumors, fluid buildups, or internal bleeding throughout the body.

What Does Suahil Plan On Doing Next?

Apart from partnering with safety-net hospitals, Sameer Suhail also runs a medical imaging clinic—which recently visited Austin and Jackson Park communities. While it is true that he could earn much more by collaborating with private institutions, he chooses not to do so. These hospitals often focus on catering to wealthy individuals, so they will typically charge more for their treatment options and services.

In a world where many people are focused on accumulating as much wealth and fame as possible, Sameer Suhail has chosen an entirely different path. He does not want to amass massive amounts of money; instead, his life’s goal involves executing multiple missions like bringing advanced treatment options for those who can’t afford it elsewhere-to underprivileged communities across America. For this reason, Sameer Suhail will continue working with safety-net hospitals to reach underprivileged, underserved communities.