Pregnancy And Alcohol Abuse: Important Things To Know

According to studies, alcohol consumption must be absolutely avoided by expectant mothers and those trying to conceive. It must be avoided completely until you breastfeed your baby. Otherwise, your baby’s health might get affected badly. Alcohol consumption when you are pregnant can cause problems like stillbirth, miscarriage, premature labor, and other problems. If you really want your baby to stay safe, say ‘no’ to alcohol completely.

If you cannot stay without consuming alcohol, join a rehab center. It is better to quit this habit first and then plan for a baby. Otherwise, your baby’s and your life would be at risk. To know the in-depth information about this check the information provided on Detox To Rehab. You will find the best guidance here.

Is it safe to drink wine or beer?

No alcohol, including beer and wine, is safe to consume throughout your pregnancy. Alcoholic beverages go to the fetus just like meals do. Some people have the misconception that drinking in the third trimester of pregnancy does not affect the baby, as the baby is fully developed. But this is not true. Alcohol consumption can affect the brain of the baby.

Every individual is different. This means that alcohol consumption might not affect your baby the same way. In fact, different babies might experience different problems. Some babies might experience heart problems, while some can experience brain-related problems. Ensure that you try to conceive only after detoxing your body if you want a healthy and active baby.

If anyone you know has a habit of drinking alcohol, educate them about the side effects. Motivate them to quit this habit completely. If you are pregnant, spend more time on meditation to divert your mind from negative things. There is nothing that is impossible in this world. Try hard and you can do it.