Prayers for Powerful Healing

If you are someone who is suffering because of disease or illness and want immediate healing, PRAY. If you do not know how to do the healing prayer, this article will help you. There is no need to be scared, feel insecure or be unsure of anything.

Firstly, believe, trust and have faith that all is well.  Prayer has all healing power in it.  All you have to do is to pray the below words with solid faith and you are nowhere far in encountering miracles.

You would already know that through prayer for healing,God can speak to us and use us an instrument for the miracles to work. Through prayers, you completely abide by the words of God. There are some prayers below exclusively for healing. Doing this, you may receive strength and comfort from God.

Believing Prayer

Dear Lord, I am here in front of you to make me heal my entire life. I shall give you my heart filled with faith, a heart that chants your name, a heart that praises you and believes you. I believe you are my healer and the only redeemer, Love you, Jesus. Amen.

Healing Prayer

My dear Lord, there are many people down in the Earth who is longing for healing. I was extremely hurt in my past life. Many random pains crippled me all these days. I have come to you with all the hope I have to receive healing.

Through this, I am going to enjoy your fullness of glory. I am thankful that I can recognize you and I can worship you. Heal me without blemish and heal me. Through me show others the healing powers and let them also heal their disease. In the name of the Lord of the World, Jesus, Amen!

Receive the healing Prayer

God and Lord of Heavens, I am sick and tired. I cannot get ahead in my life. I have come to you with all faith to touch the hem of your garment and receive the healing. Give me complete faith to attain freedom and relief from all the diseases.

Soul healing Prayer

My precious father, I wonder the way you love me in all my times. You loved me when I was immature. You loved me when I was mature. You loved me when I was broke. You loved me when I was strong.

Now you are here loving me when I am sick and healing me as a sign of your love. Heal my wounds my Lord and heal my soul. Show me your miracles for me to show the world. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Healing Prayer for Friends

God and Lord Heavens, you are the savior of my health and restoration. You gave me a miracle second life. Today I ask the prayer for healingfor my friends. I cannot see him suffering. I have great faith in your miracles. Shower them on my friend. Come down to him and surround him with peace and strength and love.