Is a Mommy Makeover Safe

Is a Mommy Makeover Safe?

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There is no doubt that pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life. However, pregnancy can be hard on your body as it can lead to stretch marks, loose skin, and a mom pooch. Consequently, many women do not feel like themselves after pregnancy, leading to poor mental health and body image issues. Fortunately, there are several plastic surgeries you can opt for, which are popularly known as the mommy makeover, to regain your pre-pregnancy body.

Miami is the most popular destination for such surgeries. The city is known as the plastic surgery capital of the US for many reasons. For one, it has numerous certified plastic surgeons, so you can find the best possible option for yourself. Secondly, plastic surgeries are relatively more affordable in the city than elsewhere. But before you book your flight to Miami for the ultimate mommy makeover, let’s take a look at what it is.

1. What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a phrase used for a collection of surgeries that allow you to regain your pre-pregnancy body or achieve a certain look. It can help get rid of stretch marks and loose skin and achieve a better-looking and toned body. The procedure can include several cosmetic surgeries; however, the most popular options are:

  • Breast augmentation, reduction, or lift.
  • Tummy tuck.
  • Liposuction.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift.
  • Labiaplasty.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation.

Mommy makeovers can cost around $6,500 to $20,000 in Miami, depending on the surgeries you choose to include in the procedure. You can easily search for ‘mommy makeover Miami’ online and look for suitable plastic surgeons who offer the surgeries you want and match your requirements. However, it is necessary to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon only to achieve the best results.

2. Risks of Getting a Mommy Makeover 

The cost and risks associated with a mommy makeover are the two things that often stop women from having the procedure done. However, it is necessary to note that every cosmetic surgery has some possible side effects and risks. The same is the case for mommy makeovers. While it is a generally safe surgery, it has some minor and major, yet rare, risks associated with it.

Change in sensations

Several surgeries included in a mommy makeover, such as a tummy tuck and breast surgery, can cause a change in sensations. Changes in sensation can include numbness, loss of sensation, or a tingly feeling near the incision.

For instance, after a tummy tuck, you may experience a loss of skin sensation in your abdominal area. Similarly, breast surgery can also cause a change or loss in skin or nipple sensations. This is a common side effect and often resolves on its own. However, if it persists for a long time after surgery, it is recommended to see your doctor.

Pain, bruising, and scarring 

During recovery, you may experience pain, bruising, or discomfort. While this is normal, these side effects can take weeks to go away, which can be distressing for patients. Similarly, due to the invasive nature of the procedure, scarring is unavoidable. However, a good surgeon will take the right steps to minimize scarring.

Reactions to anesthesia 

If you’re getting surgeries such as a tummy tuck or breast surgery during your mommy makeover, your surgeon will use some form of anesthesia to make the procedure painless for you. However, patients often display adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Your surgeon might use local anesthesia with IV sedation or general anesthesia. However, the higher the level of sedation, the greater the risk. General anesthesia might also require you to be intubated, which has risks of its own.


Infection is a common risk associated with all surgeries and not just mommy makeovers. Usually, your doctor may give you an oral antibiotic to treat the infection. However, if the condition worsens, your surgeon may have to reopen the infection and drain infected fluid and pus. And if the infection spreads to breast implants, they might have to be removed.


Hematomas are a common risk associated with cosmetic surgeries. They are caused due to the pooling of blood, and some surgeons might add drains to avoid hematomas or fluid buildup. Fortunately, small hematomas often resolve on their own. But, it is necessary to seek medical attention if they persist to avoid any further complications.

Deep vein thrombosis 

All surgeries, including invasive cosmetic procedures, have a risk of DVT, in which a blood clot develops in a deep vein. In worst-case scenarios, a piece of this clot can break off, travel to the lungs, and cause a pulmonary embolism, which can cut off blood flow to the lungs.


A mommy makeover is a common and popular procedure that allows women to get their pre-pregnancy body back. While the procedure is generally considered safe, every surgery has its share of complications. However, researching possible side effects and discussing your doubts with your doctor can help decrease anxiety and stress related to surgery, enabling you to make an informed decision.