Is a manual toothbrush better than an automatic one?

One of the foundations of a healthy dental is to buy a good toothbrush. Meanwhile, the debate about manual and electric toothbrushes always takes a different dimension and often depends on individual preference.

However, studies have shown that people who use manual toothbrushes find it hard to switch to automatic toothbrushes because they feel it’s less effective. Nevertheless, this article should settle this debate. Read and learn whether a manual toothbrush is better than an automatic one.

Removing plagues in difficult areas

A manual and automatic toothbrushes review has shown that the latter removes more plaques and reduces gum disease. With manual toothbrushes, you may not be able to reach certain areas in your mouth. A manual toothbrush can’t reach particular teeth around the back of your mouth. Meanwhile, automatic toothbrushes can remove more plaques and reach difficult areas in your mouth.

People with limited mobility

One of the reasons automatic or electric toothbrushes were made was to help people with limited mobility. You don’t have to do any work with an electric toothbrush. Furthermore, people with health issues like stroke, Parkinson’s, arthritis, etc., will need an automatic toothbrush. The automatic toothbrushes do all the work and help people with limited mobility still have a clean mouth.

Brushing longer

Since you won’t be stressing so much, you are more likely to brush longer with the automatic toothbrushes and the manual. According to experts, the recommended time frame to brush your teeth is 2 minutes. More than half of the world hardly brushes for two minutes. Using an automatic toothbrush is convenient because it does all the work, and you can brush for at least 2 minutes stress-free.


The toothbrush is supposed to be replaced every three months to ensure a healthy dental. For manual toothbrushes, you have to throw away the entire thing. Meanwhile, for automatic toothbrushes, you must only change the head. Therefore, using an electric toothbrush reduces waste.

Gentle on the gum

Compared to a manual toothbrush, the automatic one barely hurts the gum. The automatic toothbrush is mild and softer. It gently brushes your teeth without hurting the gum. Unfortunately, some people brush too hard while using a manual toothbrush. The misconception is that brushing very hard will remove the plaque in their teeth. Brushing too hard injures the gum and enamel. Automatic toothbrushes have a sensor to ensure it is not too hard on the gum.

Fun for kids

Sometimes, kids don’t want to brush their teeth because they fear it might injure their gums. Most kids have lost interest in brushing. One of the coolest ways to encourage kids to brush is to switch to automatic toothbrushes. Kids love playing around and prefer using the electric toothbrush because it is fun.


The argument about manual and automatic toothbrushes takes us back to cars. During the introduction of automatic gear selectors in cars, most manual car owners kicked. However, they all embraced it in the long run because it makes driving fun and easier. If you can afford it, opt for a hands free toothbrush to ease your brushing.