Instilling Good Oral Health Habits in Your Children

Caring for your teeth is a critical part of your overall health. In addition to modeling good oral health habits, it’s important to train your children how to prioritize dental care from a very early age. Not only will you help them avoid unnecessary dental work in their youth, but you’ll also help them develop healthy teeth and gums that can last for decades. If you have young children at home, take these steps to train them in how to properly maintain good oral health.

Start With Regular Dental Checkups

Search for happy valley dental care and schedule appointments for your children as soon as their baby teeth start coming in. Not only can your kids receive a proper cleaning, but the dentist can offer advice and make sure that everything is growing in and forming properly. It’s also important for children to be comfortable with going to the dentist, so by making it part of the routine, adjusting is easier when cleanings become a necessity.

Teach Proper Oral Hygiene

Even for young children, it’s best to brush and floss twice every day. Establish a morning and evening routine so that these practices become healthy habits for your kids. Be sure to teach them the proper technique as well. Purchase toothbrushes with some type of timer to encourage them to brush for the right amount of time. Try dental flossers for kids that are both colorful and flavorful to help make the activity more enjoyable. Let them start on their own, but finish with the help of a grownup for a thorough clean.

Get Smart About Dietary Habits

What your children eat and drink can impact their oral health. Limit natural fruit juices and avoid all sweetened drinks. Candy and sweets should be enjoyed in moderation, but choosing chocolate over chewy, fruit-flavored treats can help protect against more cavities. Since sticky substances adhere to the teeth for longer periods of time, have children rinse and brush after eating.

When it comes to building healthy dental habits, start young. With proper guidance, your children can learn healthy practices that last a lifetime.