Importance of Sexual health and the need to carry out STI tests

Everybody knows the importance of sexual health in order to enjoy sexuality in their life. In fact, your sexual health also makes you a physically and emotionally healthy person. You can avoid many STDs and unplanned pregnancies with the right access to sexual care and health information. If you are a sexually active person and involve in any unsafe sex, sexual health check-up is necessary to avoid further complications.

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases or infections, many people look for health clinics with a non-judgmental environment. Sometimes, they need to have an open discussion about their issues and sexual health. You can have comprehensive but discreet sexual health screenings in a London STI clinic.

For same-day sexual health appointments

Many working men and women prefer same-day appointments when it comes to their health problems as it is convenient for them. So, they can find discreet sexual health screening and tests by choosing a private clinic. With highly efficient and knowledgeable doctors, each patient can ensure an accurate diagnosis of a sexual health problem by visiting such private clinics.

No patient needs to wait for one or two weeks to get an appointment for consulting a doctor in a private clinic and for carrying out tests. Most of the clinics offer same-day or next-day appointments for consultation and tests. Besides, they try to give test results also on the same day so that they can start treatments quickly and without any delay.

Importance of STI/STD testing

Many sexually active people would like to know about their chances of having sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Most of these conditions do not show any symptoms or sign in a majority of infected people. And the mild symptoms can be overlooked easily. Consulting a doctor and carry out the right tests are the only way to find out whether you have an STI or not.

The fear of having sexually transmitted diseases certainly takes away your peace of mind.  You might want the right person to share your concerns and get advice on this matter. And an experienced doctor in a private GUM clinic can be the right choice in this matter. Getting the STI test is important for sexually active people in the following situations:

  • When you are about to start a new relationship
  • When you and your partner do not prefer to use condoms
  • When you have multiple sex partners
  • When you have STI signs and symptoms
  • A partner with multiple partners or has cheated on you

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and infections, people prefer to get their tests and treatments done in a private clinic because of the confidentiality and anonymity that they offer. They do not prefer losing the privacy of their test results or the reason for visiting the clinic. Choosing a private clinic can offer many benefits to them. Patients can talk to a doctor in complete privacy, and most of the clinics offer same-day appointments.

Broadgate GP is a conveniently positioned private London STI clinic with highly experienced and knowledgeable doctors and modern facilities. You can choose them for consulting a doctor to treat your STIs or STDs in complete anonymity.