Idaho car accident: How should you choose a lawyer?

A few things in life are as traumatizing as a car accident. Unfortunately, such crashes and collisions are not uncommon in Idaho. Idaho is a fault state, which means that the at-fault party will pay for your losses and injuries. The compensation should cover your economic damages, including lost income, lost future earnings, and medical bills. Hiring an Idaho car accident attorney is important to maximize your settlement. Lawyers know what it takes to negotiate with insurance companies, and if things don’t move as expected, they can even file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver. How do you choose an attorney when there are so many personal injury firms in the state? We have a guide below that may come in handy. 

Ask questions

Almost all personal injury attorneys offer free consultation, and this could be your best space to know a lawyer. As a new client, you should be interested in the assessment of the case and their expertise. Ask questions like – 

  1. How long have you been a personal injury attorney?
  2. Do you work on car accident cases frequently at work?
  3. What is the collective experience of your team?
  4. What are your top settlements and cases?
  5. Will you work on my case? If not, can I meet your partner/associate?
  6. What is the worth of my claim? Do you expect the case to go to trial?
  7. What is the estimated cost of pursuing this case with your firm?
  8. Can you share a few references?

If you had a share in fault, this could largely influence what you get in a settlement. Ask the attorney as to how your fault can impact your case. 

Check the reviews

If a personal injury law firm has been around for years, they will have enough clients to share references. In addition to that, consider checking online reviews posted on various sites, including Google. Typically, clients only post a review when they are on the extreme ends of the satisfaction spectrum. 

Ask about fee

Lawyers usually take car accident cases on a contingency fee. The lawyer only gets paid if you win something in a settlement. The fee is a part of the settlement in percentage. Most lawyers will charge something from 25% to 40%. There could be other costs of the case, which the attorney can advance for you. 

You should call a car accident lawyer soon after the crash. They can start collecting evidence from day one.