Body After Giving Birth

How To Regain Confidence In Your Body After Giving Birth

Having a baby brings about a lot of changes to your life and body, and most of them are received quite favourably. When your belly grows bigger during pregnancy, you feel happy as it’s showing you how your body is caring for your baby. However, the changes to your body after giving birth may make you feel less comfortable with your body and lower your confidence. If you’re wondering how you can get back to feeling happy with your body, keep reading and find out.

Make Time For You

When you were pregnant, you probably had more time to focus on your well-being as it affects your growing baby. However, once the baby is born, your well-being takes a backseat as you put all your energy into caring for them. This can lead to you neglecting yourself and your own needs and make you lose all confidence in your body. Try spending one evening a week where you put yourself at the forefront of your mind and pamper yourself a little. You could even start to incorporate your sexual well-being. Why not check out online adult stores like Mega Pleasure, and find something that can really make you feel great. Ignoring this part of yourself when you become a mother can actually shape your skewed vision you have of your body, so let yourself be desired and start to explore your sexuality again.

Show Appreciation To Your Body

When you look at your post-partum body, what do you see? If you focus on your belly that’s not so taught and stretch marks that cover your thighs, you’ll most likely tell yourself negative things about them. Instead of viewing these as bad changes to your body, think of them as markers that show the result of your pregnancy. Your stomach that doesn’t have a six pack, isn’t ugly. It’s where you grew your baby for 9 months, so show your body some appreciation for allowing you to bring them into the world. Your body will have been through a lot, and it won’t be able to recover overnight. It takes time and some things may never go back to the way they were before, but that’s okay. Your body allowed you to safely nourish and carry your child so that they could be born, and that in itself is wonderful.

Leave Your Body Be

Once you’ve given birth, you might be itching to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes. However, they might not fit or not look the same as the did due to changes in your body. But you shouldn’t let this get you down. Your body did something amazing, so who cares if you can’t wear the same skinny jeans you did a year ago. Another tip is to stop checking the scales every day. Your weight will naturally fluctuate each day, and if checking it makes you feel bad, then stop doing it! Focus your energy on caring for you and your baby and let your body heal.

You Don’t Need To Diet

You might be used to seeing celebrity mothers bouncing right back to their former selves right after having a baby, but this isn’t realistic, and you shouldn’t hold yourself in the same light. Celebrities have personal trainers, home chefs, and nannies to care for their children. This allows them way more free time and personal assistance to work on returning to their pre-pregnancy body. Most mothers won’t have this as an option and may feel that the need to go on a diet straight away. However, this isn’t the case. Try making sure you eat well, and your food is nourishing, and don’t worry about how much you’re eating. As long as you’re eating plenty of nutritious food, that’s enough for you and your baby. You might slowly lose any excess baby weight naturally, so don’t put pressure on yourself to instantly see the number on the scale drop.

Accepting the changes to your body after giving birth can be hard but making sure you take care of yourself is one of the best ways to regain your confidence. Not only that, but your baby needs their mum to be healthy and happy so don’t fall into the trap of hating your new body. These changes may not last, or they may stick around. Either way, you should view the changes as proof of the amazing thing that your body did and love every inch of it.